Mind Over Matter: Ancient Mystics Help Primacy Of Consciousness

Mind Over Matter: Ancient Mystics Help Primacy Of Consciousness

Today scientists are turning to ancient mystics when it comes to the primacy of consciousness.

One of the leaders of brain research in modern times, Wilder Penfield, the author of behind The Mystery of Mind, argued that consciousness doesn’t have a source in the brain. He argued this as a respected neurosurgeon and Dr. Staninslav Grof PhD agreed that consciousness is one of the primary phenomenon able to precede along which transcend, both time and space.…

Dr. Grof pointed out that studies over three decades had led him to conclude that traditional psychologists and psychiatrists may find it implausible, along with being incredible. However, he believes that the consciousness is something more than just a by-product that happened by accident, of the biochemical and neurophysiological processes that take place within the brain. The Doctor says that he sees the human psyche and consciousness more as expressions, along with being reflections of cosmic intelligence, permeating the whole of the universe along with all of the existence.

Human Field Of Consciousness Doesn’t Have Limits

Grof went on to say that humans are not only animals that have highly evolved, with biological computers having been embedded in the skull. He believes that humans are also fields of consciousness that don’t have limits, which are able to transcend time, matter, space and linear causality.

New technologies today have allowed scientists to learn more about the mechanics of how a mind is expressed through the brain, but following numerous years of research, no light has been shed on the central quest, one that people believe may be a waste of time just because the idea on which it was based is wrong.

Grof has studied the human consciousness for more than 50 years and has compared the efforts of trying to work out the content of a TV program just by watching certain components light up on the inside of the TV set. He said that if someone tried to do this people would laugh, however, this has been the approach mainstream has taken and even insisted on being correct, while there hasn’t been any evidence that has supported it, but there has been a great deal of evidence to contradict it.

New findings by scientists are now supporting beliefs that cultures had many thousands of years ago. They have shown that the person’s individual psyche is nothing but a manifestation of cosmic consciousness. He went on to say that intelligence flows through existence and people haven’t lost contact completely with the cosmic consciousness as they are not fully separated from it in the first place.

Grov pointed out that there are people with hydrocephalus, water on the brain, who have lived a normal life and they have almost none existent cerebral cortex or neocortex. He went on to say that this was significant when people consider that science has always believed that the neocortex is the center of consciousness.

Man With Hydrocephalus Becomes Honor Student

John Lorber, a neurologist from Britain told of a case he knew about where the hydrocephalus of a young man had been almost non-existent. The interior of the man’s skull was only a thin layer of brain cells that were enveloped by a mass of cerebrospinal fluid. What amazed scientists and Doctors was that the young man appeared normal and he went on to become an honor student. So the question is, if consciousness does arise from functions in the brain, how could it have been possible?

Peter Russell said in Science to God that the alternative may be the faculty of consciousness being a fundamental quality of nature. Consciousness, in fact, doesn’t come from a particular arrangement of the nerve cells and neither the processes that go from between them or indeed any physical feature, instead, it is something that is always present. So if it is always present then any relationship between the nervous system and consciousness needs to be rethought. Nervous systems may play a part as they might be amplifiers for the consciousness, thus increasing the quality and richness of the experience.

Russell went on to ask people to consider something simple though experiments with the aim of proving to people the non-locality of consciousness beyond time and space. He asked people to locate their consciousness and many of those asked thought it to be somewhere in the head. The brain is the one that is typically associated with consciousness and the brain is in the head, this is when the majority of people thought it was in the head. However, consciousness really doesn’t have anything to do with the brains placement, instead, it depends more on the sense organs placement. The eyes and ears are in the head and these are the central points of perception and people experience the world behind the eyes and between the ears. It is nothing more than coincidence that the brain is also located in the head.

If Eyes And Ears Where In The Knees, Where Would Consciousness Be?

An experiment was set out to shown this. Russell asked that people imagine that their ears and eyes were in their knees and the world was seen from this vantage point. He then asked people to locate their consciousness and asked if the ears and eyes were on the knees, would people still continue to experience their self in the head.

Consciousness doesn’t start in the brain, but it does receive consciousness. It is more a non-local function, with the individual brain being an individual receiver. He likened this to a world with many TV signals and each set being the receiver. It was pointed out that when people think of being in the body it is nothing more than a delusion, its primitive logic and he likened it with thinking that if a person was watching the Johnny Carson Show, it didn’t mean that Carson was actually inside the TV. The TV only receives signals that put Johnny Carson’s picture on the TV.

Those who study deep meditation may transcend their contents of consciousness altogether for some time and by doing so they are able to reach a lucid state of awareness, purely faculty of consciousness. When they are in this state, there isn’t space and time, only the infinite, one universal awareness. Often experiences such as these are said to be mystical and not very scientific, but this is due to the fact that they cannot be repeated under conditions in a laboratory. However, for those experiencing this state, they have first-hand knowledge of the primacy of consciousness going far beyond time, space and matter.

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