Mothman Filmed In Argentina?

Mothman Filmed In Argentina?

Mysterious creatures are not available or found near us and this is why we call that thing mysterious. But when people see anything unusual or any mysterious creature, they get afraid.

From the online portal, such news can be found. On YouTube, many related videos are also available. From the small city of Qulino in Argentina, some people demanded that they have seen a creature what have large wings.

Mysterious Winged humanoid appeared in Qulino

It is related with the Mothman and winged humanoid sightings are unusual. Citizen of Qulino claimed that they meet with that creature at the middle of the night and it went disappear quickly. They did not see it fly using its wings.

The police of the Qulino investigate this matter but they do not find anything special or suspicious what is related with the creature. Carlos Sanchez, a fireman with crew saw the creature fly and they decided to follow the creature but suddenly it walked in the closed terrain and disappeared. They could not catch it after few minutes it appeared again but they could know much about the creature. According to the Carlos Sanchez, it walked on foot and they did not see it fly at the first time. He added that when it appeared again, it looks at them and it did not look at them for long, it opened its wings and flew away.

It is really frightening and hard to believe also. Police decided to help the community from any ill action from the mysterious creature. Police increased the guard for that city and they said to the citizen not to get afraid. If citizen sees the creature again, then they should call police immediately. Similar pictures are found online. May be people have seen the right thing what they have described or they have seen wrong. How can all people be wrong?

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