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Mysterious Object Recorded Near The ISS In Newly Published Video

Mysterious Object Recorded Near The ISS In Newly Published Video

A new video has been going around the internet showing what seems to be a mysterious object shadowing the International Space Station, just before the live feed is cut by NASA.

Is NASA Really Hiding Evidence Of UFO Captured By Live Feed Of ISS?

NASA has been said to have hidden evidence many times over the past few years, and once again they have been accused of hiding evidence of there being extraterrestrial life.

The International Space Station was fitted with brand new HD cameras, and since this time ordinary people have been able to see what the NASA astronauts are doing in space. Over this time many UFO videos have been seen online showing what many have said is proof that aliens do exist.

Many of the videos are what have been called out of the ordinary, and perhaps they will convince people that something is happening out there is space, and we are not alone. However, in reality, many times the alleged sightings of UFOs that are seen in space prove to be nothing other than reflections in the camera, debris that is floating around in space or errors from video processing.

Video:Mysterious object seen shadowing the ISS

Did NASA Stop Live Feed Because A UFO Appeared In The Video?

While is true for about 99% of cases, with them being explainable, there are from time to time some video content that does make people sit up and wonder if there are aliens out there. The video footage, in this case, is one of those times. It shows what people have been calling an alien UFO that was seen following close to the International Space Station as it was orbiting the planet at about 248 miles average altitude above the Earth.

The object is very similar to other UFO alleged sightings that have been recorded by the International Space Station in that it does seem to be shadowing very close to the Space Station. Eventually the live feed from the cameras that onboard the International Space Station go offline.

This is when things get strange according to hunters of UFOs, who happen to be convinced that this is something that NASA does all the time if a strange object is caught in the footage of the cameras that are life. Every time that an object that is mysterious comes into the picture and it is visible to those watching, NASA manages to close down the live camera feed mysteriously, and they do not give out any explanation. Once any objects have gone the live camera feed resumes once more.

This more than anything is the main reason why UFO hunters are convinced that there are UFOs floating around the International Space Station from time to time. It seems that NASA would like to hide away the truth about aliens and UFOs existing and they do this by closing down the live feed if and when any unexplained objects float into the frame.

NASA Reveals Why Video Feed Is Sometimes Down, But Are They Lying?

Of course, as you would expect, NASA has said that they are not doing anything and they do not cut the feed out due to UFOs being close to the International Space Station. A spokesperson for NASA in 2016 said that the footage, which came from the HD cameras on the International Space Station, providing different angles, is programmed to cycle through the different on-board cameras automatically. They went on to say that often there are times when the station happens to be outside of the range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, otherwise known as TDRS, that NASA uses to send along with receiving video, telemetry, and voice, from the ISS.

NASA said that when the video signal is lost, then the HD cameras show nothing more than just a blue screen or in some cases a video slate that has been pre-set. Of course, they are going to say this, would they say any different and admit that they cut the feed on purpose because there was a UFO in plain sight for everyone watching the feed to see?

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