Mysterious Objects in the Solar System

Mysterious Objects in the Solar System

In our solar system, puzzling objects emerge from time to time, which remain a mystery and could not yet be unraveled. We will present a few selected celestial objects here and try to find out what they might be.

Object A10bMLz in earth orbit

An unusual object orbits the Earth's orbit with A10bMLz, which reminds researchers of an empty garbage bag. The strange satellite moves on an extremely strange ellipse around our blue homeworld. First, it dives 600 kilometers from the Earth's surface and then A10bMLz swings to a distance 1.4 times the average distance of the Earth to the Moon.

As reported by the London Observatory Northol Branch Observatories, the object is a light piece of material and is said to have originated from a rocket launch. The astronomers probably mean the aluminum casing that is normally blown off by a rocket and burns up in the earth's atmosphere.

The discoverers of A10bMLz, the observatory ATLAS-HKO Halaekala in Hawaii, describe the object as strange and there would be no danger. The observation post is busy discovering, detecting and warning against dangerous celestial objects like asteroids, meteorites or comets.

According to calculations by researchers at the Northol Branch Observatories, A10bMLz is a few meters tall, very light and weighs less than one kilogram. They suspect a metallic foil of a rocket behind it, but it remains unclear at what time or with what kind of rocket it got into Earth orbit. In the coming months, it could even burn in the Earth's atmosphere. NASA is observing A10bMLz.

Black Knight Satellite

For over 13,000 years, a black object called the "Black Knight Satellite" has been orbiting the earth and what exactly is mysterious to the world to this day. The theories range from an empty rocket stage to a detached tile from the hull of a space shuttle to an extraterrestrial probe. None of these speculations could be proven so far and thus the Black Knight satellite will remain for the time being a mystery.


In October 2017 Oumuamua, one of the strangest objects in our solar system passed through our solar system and was the first interstellar object ever observed. The visitor moved with enormous speed and showed an additional acceleration in summer 2018, the trigger of which could not yet be clarified. Unfortunately, one picture is missing, but according to scientific calculations, Oumuamua must have been about 100 meters long and elongated.

The Earth flew over the object in a manner reminiscent of a probe, as Oumuamua's position at that time was over regions where the light was burning. Theories suggest a solar sail, asteroids or an alien spacecraft behind the object. The surface was red and strangely brilliantly calculated by researchers based on analyses.

The Pleiades, a star system about 440 light years away, was identified as the origin of the interstellar visitor. According to the data, the journey to our solar system took millions of years. Perhaps an extraterrestrial probe that was supposed to search for life in space and found what it was looking for on Earth?

In the meantime, Oumuamua has long since left the solar system and is further behind Neptune. A closer investigation of the mystery with a probe seems unlikely because it is already too far away.

The solar system is likely to become the target of more interstellar or mysterious objects in the future and science will be better prepared for it. Perhaps one day a spacecraft from an alien civilization could fly into the system and make contact with Earth?

Since the Roswell incident in 1947, there has been speculation that the US government has been working with aliens for decades, but there is still no evidence to support this assumption.

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