NASA Admits: A Massive Asteroid Will Hit Earth This September

NASA Admits: A Massive Asteroid Will Hit Earth This September

It is not sure where this rumour arose from, but the most likely place it came from is Prophet Efrain Rodriguez who made this prediction of this asteroid striking earth near around Puerto Rico resulting in tsunamis and earthquakes which will cause devastation as wide as Mexico, east coast of the United States and Central America.

The prophet also announced that NASA should alert so that people from those areas should be relocated. The prophet claims that he saw it in his vision as a message from God the asteroid striking Puerto Rico causing a massive earthquake of the magnitude of 12 on the Ritcher scale. This seems to be another of those the doomsday prophecy that has been made many times before, but nothing seemed to have happened as those dates passed by.

Is there an asteroid threat in September?

These rumour mongers should be punished by law in causing public unrest. Since the prophet wrote to NASA, it issued a statement that at the moment there are no such threats from any asteroid for the next few hundred years. Debunking the claims NASA stated that there are asteroids which may pass closely to earth, but they are not on a collision course.

Scientist predicts an object even at the size of 100 meters can cause havoc on earth. We should not forget the incident in Tunguska where an asteroid exploded in the atmosphere in the year 1908, it was about 50 meters wide and the devastation was extensive, about sixty million trees were flattened down and a shock wave measured 5 on the Ritcher scale across Russia. But the threat is real; it is estimated that in about ten thousand years a considerable size asteroid hits earth and planet earth should be ready to detect these killer asteroids and target them with nuclear missiles.

Russia is already pioneering in this field and is modifying ICBM missiles for any threat to earth. Because it will take only one asteroid to kill all life forms on earth, like it happened to the dinosaurs.

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