NASA Video Shows Earth Looking Like A Living Creature

NASA Video Shows Earth Looking Like A Living Creature

A stunning time-lapse video from the Scientific Visualization Studio of NASA shows a look over 7 days during 2005 when there was a typhoon rated category 4 was developing just off the coast of China.

The video reveals a look at Earth as never seen before thanks to the 7 day period being repeated over several times throughout the video.

Goddard Earth Observing System Model Data Collection Used For Simulation

Scientists made use of data that had been collected by the Goddard Earth Observing System Model, in version 5 and it depicts the volume rendered clouds of the simulation.

The run of this simulation has the name of 7km GEO-5 Nature Run, also known as 7km-G5NR and it was made using a supercomputer. The visualization may be only short but it produced petabytes of output, and it referenced almost a terabyte of brick map files.

Video Helps To Give Public A Clearer Picture Of Earth

The website of SVS says that the goal of the videos produced is to give members of the public a much clearer picture of planet Earth and the place of humans within it, along with giving people an insight into what NASA is really all about.

The Scientific Visualization Studio of NASA works with many scientists to create animations, visualizations and images so that they give people a much better understanding of Earth along with space science research activities within the Goddard Space Flight Center in the research community of NASA.

All of the visualizations along with the multimedia products that have been created by the Goddard Media Studios, SVS and the CI Lab can be accessed through the website and are even free to download and enjoy again and again.

The video below shows Earth from a distance and the clouds moving fast over the land and oceans. The clouds give a strange appearance as though something is moving over the Earth and turn it into an almost living creature thanks to the 7-day pattern being repeated several times.

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