NASA's Project LUCIFER Shocks Even Conspiracy Theorists

NASA's Project LUCIFER Shocks Even Conspiracy Theorists

There is a new conspiracy theory that is shocking those who keep up with them, and it is about NASA’s Lucifer project.

Those who are interested in science fiction novels may remember Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s influential novel series of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this series, there is an instance where Jupiter, a gas giant, has its mass multiplied to expand it into a star. This allowed the moons surrounding it to become habitable for human life. Once they created this “second sun” they named it Lucifer, or literally in Latin, “light bringer.” The people of Earth thought this was a fitting name.

Lucifer Project

This sounds like a crazy science fiction pipe dream, but there is evidence that this is happening right now. Jupiter actually had the potential to become a star. It is not that far off from the mass and density that would make this large gaseous planet a star. It has even been called a “failed star” by many scientists.

Galileo, a probe that was sent to Jupiter around 2003 was fully equipped with Plutonium-238 pellets. These pellets were used to power the probe because solar power is unreliable once the probe has passed Mars. The pellets are also very explosive, and theorist thought that this could be evidence of the start of the Lucifer Project.

This was further speculated when, in 2003, the probe plunged into Jupiter’s atmosphere. Obviously, it has been thirteen years now, and nothing has come of this. There is no second sun setting in the sky. Does that mean the project is over?

Not necessarily. Saturn is not too far off and is also a gas planet, and is not that much smaller than Jupiter. Currently, a probe is orbiting Saturn, waiting to plunge. Only time will tell what becomes of that.

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