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Neil Armstrong: We were ordered to 'move away' by ALIENS on the Moon

Neil Armstrong: We were ordered to 'move away' by ALIENS on the Moon

Watch out conspiracy theorists. The truth is, America really did make it to the moon, but what happened when they were there is the real question. Neil Armstrong claims that there was an alien species on the moon when they visited and that they were made to move away.

Armstrong claims that there were ships and structures on the moon that were not human-made. The idea is both thrillings and terrifying that an alien species could exist so close to the planet humans call home.

Armstrong was not the only one to have encountered and recalled these abnormalities. Buzz Aldrin also took videos of the strange occurrences, and they both reported back to Houston who censored this information from the American people to keep the country from rising in panic.

Aliens on the Moon

The interview transcription is below:

“Professor: What really happened out of Apollo 11?

Armstrong: An amazing thing, even though we have always known of this possibility. The fact is that they (aliens) have ordered us to turn away!

Professor: What do you mean “warned to move away”?

Armstrong: I cannot go into details; there are structures on the Moon, and not ours. I can only say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology. Wow if you were big! … And menacing!

Professor: But NASA also sent to the moon missions after Apollo 11 ….

Armstrong: Naturally, NASA had already announced at that time, and could not risk panic on Earth.”

Personally I will always believe that humans have been to the moon. There is not much that can be done to change my thoughts on that. But the possibility that there was something happening on the moon that we were not told about seems all too likely. How’s that for an explanation of video inconsistencies.

Armstrong's Strange Moon Experience

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