New Zealand Scientists Excited After Giant Squid Discovery

New Zealand Scientists Excited After Giant Squid Discovery

A recent discovery of a giant squid in the waters of New Zealand, just off Canterbury’s east coast, has stunned New Zealand scientists.

Niwa scientists, who were out surveying blue grenadiers, or NZ "Hoki", as they are also known, were shocked and enthralled to discover a giant squid had entangled itself in their fishing net. According to the surveyor leader, the giant squid "weighed about 110kg" and was about "4 meters" long, which required about 6 staff to even move the squid.

Octopus Squid
Niwa scientists recently caught a giant squid off Canterbury's east coast.

Immense Scientific Value

The giant squid was then further examined and dissected by Auckland University of Technology researcher Ryan Howard. The samples taken from the giant squid almost amount to 50kg.

The squid’s eyes, in particular, were of high scientific value as finding a fresh pair of squid eyes is considered a rarity. The new finding would aid in thoroughly learning more about the day-to-day lives of squids collectively. According to the lead surveyor, the stomach of a (giant) squid is also very rare to come by – as it provides one-of-a-kind insight into the diet of a squid and is usually found mostly empty – unlike as it is in this case.

Squid Giant
Stevens described the 4-metre-long squid as "probably on the smallish side".

Determining the age and therefore the life cycle of the squid is also going to be more likely thanks to the newly made discovery, as it is usually not possible to estimate the age of a squid rather accurately. Estimation of the age is done through a tiny bone structure, which can be found in the head of the squid.

New Zealand offers the largest and most common findings of squids, globally speaking - but giant squids are still a rare discovery, even in NZ waters.

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