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Newly Released JFK Assassination Records Include KGB Defector Testimony

Newly Released JFK Assassination Records Include KGB Defector Testimony

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been the topic of one of the biggest conspiracy theories, and it is still talked about today. Now almost 4,000 censored or withheld documents have been released from the National Archives in Washington.

3, 810 Documents And 17 Audio Files Released

3,810 documents along with 17 audio files have been revealed on the website of the US National Archives (, and they include information that the CIA along with the FBI collected following the assassination of the president in Dallas, Texas.

Among the documents that have been released are recordings of Yury Nosenko, a KGB defector who had been interviewed in 1964 about Lee Harvey Oswald and his time spent in Russia. Of the documents newly released includes 441 that have never been seen in the public domain. The rest of the files have been partially redacted.

The release falls in line with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act 1992, which says that all documentation about the assassination has to be revealed before the end of 2017.

Abraham Zapruder Captured Assassination On Film

President Kennedy was killed while he was traveling in a motorcade that took him and his wife through Dallas on 22 November 1963. The film that was captured by Abraham Zapruder, an amateur cameraman become a hit in the media as he managed to capture the exact moment that President Kennedy was shot in the head and neck on film.

The Warren Commission was set up to look into the assassination and it concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-US marine had been the one who had fired the bullets that killed the president when he fired from the Texas School Book Depository. However many people have believed that there was more to the shooting than that and that the government had been involved in the killing of the president.

Conspiracy Theories Surround Death Of Kennedy

The conspiracy theory was further boosted when Lee Harvey Oswald was himself gunned down and killed by Jack Ruby, the owner of a nightclub, just two days after the assassination of the president, while he was being transferred from a police station in Dallas.

Many people have said that the killing of Oswald was too coincidental and people had him killed so that he could not reveal the true identity of the killer. There has also been a great deal of speculation about the secrecy that had surrounded the work that was undertaken by the Warren Commission.

Many conspiracy theorists have suggested that President Kennedy had been killed by CIA agents, others believe there was another shooter on the grassy knoll, and he killed Kennedy, while others think that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson had the president killed.

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