Orb or Moon? Deborah Dees Orb

This was a weird one that happened about ten years ago. A woman in Alabama, catches sight of a huge bright object viewable from her front lawn. It's moving but as she opens the door it stops and remains stationary. She runs inside to grab a camera where she begins to capture it. Shaken from nerves she operates the camera and films the object for a minute and so.

She states she saw this object and thought it was the moon, or well, played it off as the moon in order to attempt to make rational sense about it. However that day has forever stuck with her and she always often thinks about how weird that it was that it was moving.

There's two instances where the object moves so drastically that it, in my opinion, can no way be the moon. However I'm not an expect by any means.

What do you think this is?

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