Police Took Pictures Of An Alien Being in Argentina

Police Took Pictures Of An Alien Being in Argentina

The Corrientes Police in Argentina photographed a supposed extraterrestrial being on September 13.

The Argentine media has published the news; the event occurred in a locality called "Parque Miter".

A group of police officers from Commissariat No. 4 had to report to an area where a group of young people reported the strange creature.

What is this "thing"?

Argentina Alien Mitre Park Extraterrestrial Life

When the policemen arrived at the park and tried to contact the supposed person, they soon realized that the "subject" was a strange being of an appearance of a traditional extraterrestrial. They began photographing with a cell phone camera.

Jumping in the river When the police tried to approach the alien being, the police reported that it escaped, jumping into the waters of the Paraná River and immediately lost sight of it.

It is not the first time they have captured images of strange beings in Argentina. The country seems to be a "hot zone" for encounters and contact with 'alien beings'.

Here's the original link to the Argentine news website:…

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