Possibly Tens of Thousands of Unnecessary Deaths Due to Anti-Choloroquin Propaganda

Well, well, well, whatya know? Trump was correct on cholorquin and HCQ all along, and the antiTrump hysteria which followed could have quite possibly killed an additional tens of thousands who may have otherwise not succumbed to the disease. As I've said repeatedly, I learned of HCQ coupled with zinc all the way back in March, long before touted by Trump. Since then, a media and "expert" onslaught of disinformation prevented multiple states in America and countries in the world from experimenting with its use for Covid19. Even to the point of outright denying its use, and threats against doctor's medical licenses for using it. I also stated that any doctor, hospital, or news agency who played a part in denying this drug from the public would probably face a far greater legal backlash than any doctor who did use it on patients. Well, we now know this to be the case. The disgusting anti-anythingTrump that has gripped the minds of the leftist dummies, as well as the media and elite in the world and their Western government puppets, is now undoubtedly responsible for mass unnecessary Covid19 deaths as well as millions of lives and businesses destroyed. The wise here at DTV knew this was a monumental scam right from the beginning. Unfortunately, due to guest posting as well as members who we should all now know for certain are literal leftists shills, the battle for straight information on DTV has been quite taxing.

You all, the shills and Trump derangement syndrome zombies ought to be ashamed of yourselves. First you shilled for lockdowns we now know were ridiculous, destroying the life's work of millions. Then you shilled for masks we know have very little to do in the way of true prevention of spread. Then you shilled against HCQ cuz it was recommended by the nefarious Orange Man. I find you no backbone having cowardly shills to be absolutely disgusting humans. "Do it for the old people!" You all are stupid, illogical hacks who don't even belong on DTV. Just keep lapping up every little drop of misinformation peddled to you by highly partisan control freaks. Not sure how it is possible that every time I login here I don't smell sewage, what with all of the leftist pieces of s#^~ roaming around on here.

The rest of their letter focuses mostly on the deadly misinformation Fauci has spread about the COVID-19 cure, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and his blatant shilling for the far more expensive but much less effective drug, remdesivir.

Like many other experts, they think the science has unquestionably shown President Trump’s early enthusiasm for hydroxychloroquine was on the money and a huge percentage of the 175,000 U.S reported COVID-19 fatalities would be alive today if not for Fauci’s bizarre determination to suppress it.

In fact, they explicitly call out Fauci for stymying Trump’s efforts to get HCQ to the people who needed it:

President Trump had the foresight to amass 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine, and yet you continue to stand in the way of doctors who want to use that medication for their infected patients.

From the very beginning of the pandemic:

[P]hysicians worldwide discovered that high-risk patients can be treated successfully as outpatients, within the first five to seven days of the onset of symptoms, with a “cocktail” consisting of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin (or doxycycline). Multiple scholarly contributions to the literature detail the efficacy of the hydroxychloroquine-based combination treatment.