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Prince Philip: Here is why he believe in UFOs and Aliens

Prince Philip: Here is why he believe in UFOs and Aliens

Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is best known for his constant and embarrassing public gaffes and being worshipped as a god on a small island in the South Pacific. Other than that, the public does not know a great deal about the Queen’s Consort who is very much a private figure. However, interesting news has emerged about the prince’s hinterland. Apparently, he is obsessed with UFOs and extra-terrestrial life.

Prince Phillip seeks MoD files to feed his UFO obsession

The prince has a subscriber of several UFO magazines for many years. The proprietor of Flying Saucer Magazine has made the claim that he has counted Prince Phillip as a customer since the 1950s. His subscription began around the same time that there was such an upsurge in UFO sightings across the world that the former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, set up an inquiry into the phenomenon. In addition to reading voraciously about UFO’s, the Prince apparently has a map of UFO sightings pinned on his wall in his lavish home at Buckingham Palace.

There have been rumours that the prince has sought out personal meetings with people who claim to have seen UFOs and met aliens but the meetings have been derailed and cancelled for fear that they would cause embarrassment to the British Royal Family. Now it appears that the prince is so ravenous for information about extra-terrestrial life that he has even requested access to Ministry of Defence files about close encounters with aliens, which are classified as top secret.

According to the prince’s former aide, Peter Horsley, aliens are interested in the prince as well. He claims that he had his encounter with an extra-terrestrial being who referred to himself as Mr Janus. The otherworldly creature expressed his interest in meeting Prince Phillip, referring to him as ‘a man of great vision’.

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