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Project Blue Book Alien 'EBE-3' Interview Part 2

Even if it isn’t real, which is most likely the case, it still poses interesting questions, such as meaning.

A UFO crashed near the small town of Roswell in New Mexico and was recovered by the U.S. Army.

In the UFO crash, dead gray aliens and one living survivor are said to have been transported away. The surviving Grey, called EBE-3, was said to have lived just before he died. Speculation has it that the Greys will cooperate with the U.S. government, working with the U.S. military at both the famous Area 51 and the mysterious Dulce Airforce Base.

In the world of aliens, the Greys or Zetas are among the most famous aliens we know and they are supposed to exist in reality. The human-like creatures have grey skin, a large head, and almond-shaped pitch-black eyes, their noses, and ears are small holes. The home of the Grey is said to be the star system Zeta Reticuli, about 39.5 light years away, from which they also have their second name Zeta. They are hairless, are said to be responsible for most of the kidnappings and have agreed to cooperate with the US government.

The grey skin and the huge black almond-shaped eyes of the Zetas point to a homeworld in which the sun hardly shines and in which extreme darkness prevails. The body height is 1.00 to 1.50 meters, therefore the Greys probably live in small rooms. The aliens apparently possess a not particularly strong physique. The architect and tunnel builder Phil Schneider reported in one of his last lectures in 1995 about an encounter with the Greys during expansion work at Dulce Airforce Base. In August 1979, according to Schneider, there was a firefight between the Greys and the military in which 66 people died, and the architect was also injured. Two years after the Dulce firefight, the horrors are said to have signed another peace treaty with the US government.

Meanwhile, the horrors have also become a popular topic in films, books, and documentaries. In the science fiction series "Stargate" starring Richard Dean Anderson, humans are connected to the Asgard, a highly developed alien species that looks very much like the Greys and is highly intelligent. The US cult director Steven Spielberg tells in his famous SF film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" about the visit of aliens to Arizona, who are the Zetas. The film "Fire in the Sky" from 1993 is based on the abduction story of the US forestry worker Travis Walton, who, according to his own stories, was abducted several times by the horrors and abused by them as a test subject.

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