Project Stargate - The CIA's Top-Secret Remote Viewing Program

Project Stargate - The CIA's Top-Secret Remote Viewing Program

Declassified Documents and top generals on remote viewing.

Remote viewing relies on using a set of protocols that are precise, and they are generally used by the CIA and US Military to develop psychic spies. While this might sound like something out of a movie, the US government has dabbled in remote viewing and other projects in secret for many decades.

The existence of remote viewing projects had been denied by the government for many decades until 1995. Declassified secret documents have now revealed the first program that was sponsored by the government had been approved in 1970.

Individuals Could Draw Buildings On Other Side Of World From Coordinates

Remote Viewing Cia Stargate Project

Remote viewing is a technique that relies on individuals who have been trained going into a meditative state and then accessing levels of consciousness that are subtle so that they can sense remote locations and then go on to describe what they have seen. In other words, they are able to remotely spy, and they have done so with a good degree of accuracy in the past. The ability for them to see objects remotely has some advantages that are clear in regards to gathering intelligence.

If remote viewing was developed to be used in wars the possibilities could be endless. The same technique could also be used in everyday life. For instance, lost car keys or phones could be located, a child that has been abducted could be found. The consciousness might have more power than people imagined and life could be a lot grander than many people might ever suspect.

News video clip demonstrating remote viewing of a helicopter crash

Government Did Not Want People To Know How Successful Remote Viewing Was

When looking into remote viewing in depth along with finding information that supports the phenomenon, you would find that the remote viewing program of the government was terminated in 1995 after failing to offer up useful intelligence information.

The government disinformation campaigns do not want people to believe that remote viewing was undertaken successfully, even though they have their own classified files that show they did achieve results that were amazing from some of the top remote viewers in the program. Many of the viewers used in the programs have since gone public and stated that the program was a huge success.

One remote viewing document that was declassified shows the accuracy of the experiments and one included an experiment that had been conducted from a submarine. The results of which were published in a declassified 118-page document.

Results Of Remote Viewing Programs Were Astonishing

The remote viewers taking part in the experiments were given a blank sheet of paper and the coordinates of a target about which they had no knowledge. It was said that if they managed to get a large part of the target description correct it was remarkable, to get two-thirds of the time a correct identification was stunning. Even the failures brought results that should have been classed as good. In one experiment the person missed some of the objects away from the crane as in the picture below, however, they were accurate with the crane itself.

Cia Project Stargate United States
Remote viewing of a secret Russian crane by Pat Price (actual crane on left)

Many hundreds of thousands of documents related to remote viewing had been stored away carefully as the remote viewers used in the program refined the abilities to be able to produce drawings of just what they had seen as the remote locations. However, the existence of any such program was denied outright by the government. In 1995 a percentage of the documents had been revealed to the public thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and this proved that the program had taken place. While only a small percentage was released, they came to around 100,000 pages of documents.

The documents were not released in any particular order; they were random. However, researchers managed to put together the cache, and they cataloged them in searchable form. It would seem that perhaps the government did not want people to know just how powerful the mind of the human can be.

Some Of The Best Remote Viewers For The Military

One of the most respected and best military viewers is Joseph McMoneagle. He went on to write a biography that is engaging, and in it, he provides a deep insight into his experiences in the program along with the success that he enjoyed in finding and describing targets that were important.

Another famous remote viewer of the military was Ingo Swann. Swann was said to have predicted in 1973 just what the pioneer probes of NASA would find on Jupiter. He sealed copies of the predictions inside envelopes and handed them to scientists, and they were astonished to find that his predictions were 100% accurate. It was also said that the military got a fright as he could read files that were locked in a safe on a base that was secure. He wrote a book and autobiography, but the publisher would not publish it, so he published it himself, but all the copies of the book disappeared from the shelves in a short space of time. It was said that the book contained some of the biggest secrets of the US government.

The STARGATE files: An assortment of documents related to Project STARGATE:

The Soviets Spent Millions On ESP and Psychic Spies

The US military remote viewing programs date back to the 1960s when the impetus for the programs came about due to the Soviets having spent many millions of dollars and having success in ESP and psychic spies so that they could break through the security barriers of the US. The US government did not want to be left out, and they contracted the Stanford Research Institute in 1972 to develop the first-ever remote viewing program. The program operated with the names of Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, and Stargate Project.

Admiral Stansfield Turner, the CIA Director, along with many top generals was strong supporters of the remote viewing program to develop psychic spies. Many millions of dollars were spent on the programs, despite them being kept secret until 1995. Many of the key players in the programs were high-level Scientologists.

But is remote viewing something that anyone can develop and perhaps everyone has some natural psychic abilities that have not been developed due to the fact that people did not know it exists?

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