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Queen Elizabeth ‘Is Not Human’ - Confirmed By Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth ‘Is Not Human’ - Confirmed By Buckingham Palace

Confirmed: The Queen is Reptilian

A shocking document was released to the public through the internet.

Queen and other members of the Royal Household are ‘different’ to humans

Queen Elizabeth’s administration leaked a letter stating that the Queen is not, in fact, human. The speculation around the Queen actually being a reptilian has been prevalent for quite some time now. If the videos are pointing out pieces of her scaly skin and the eye witnesses of her transformation were not enough, the document that was released should be.

Queen Not Human Philip Mountbatten Buckingham Palace
Snapshot of the official Royal website suggesting that Queen Elizabeth ‘is not human’ (courtesy of

The official royal website had this statement shown on it, and then the statement was quickly taken down, but not before many people had the opportunity to screenshot the page. Although the website never uses the word “reptilian, ” it does elude to the Queen being different and separate from the human race.

Queen Seen In A Different Form Buckingham Palace Coronation Of Elizabeth Ii
Snapshot of the official Royal website suggesting that Queen Elizabeth ‘is not human’ (courtesy of

In the Queen’s statement, it says, “I pay tribute to the commitment, selfless devotion and generosity of spirit shown by my millions of human subjects and I fully expect them to digest this news in a mature and humble fashion. Nothing has changed. Together we shall march on.”

Queen Not Human Buckingham Palace Reptilians
Evidence that the official Royal press release appeared on Google. These records have since been removed.

The thought is that this article was created in preparation for a disastrous occurrence where thousands of people saw her transform into her true shape. In this case, the statement would be damage control, but because this was released without any huge event, it only proved what many in the internet community knew to be true.

This otherworldly leader does not stop at the Queen. It is suspected that the whole Royal Family is of the reptilian variety. As of now, it is assumed that the article was leaked by a junior IT member, but it still not yet certain whether they released it on purpose, or if it was a slip.

Regardless of how the information was leaked, we cannot let this exposure die out. The world needs to know the truth.

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