Real Science vs. Fake News

Real Science vs. Fake News

After replying to many posts with misinformation, I have decided to post information so that people can find out what information is true and what information is fake.

Science is not a political issue. There are no sides. Most politicians have little to no scientific background. They have degrees in political science, law or a similar field. Scientists have been trained in scientific method. They do have a background in science.

Live Science - "What Is Science?"

Scientific studies are proven by using peer reviews ensure that scientific information is accurate. Scientists in the same field as the scientists who write scientific journals review what the writers state. They retest to ensure that the results are accurate and reproducible.

"Elsevier is a global information analytics business specializing in science and health". They are renowned in the scientific community.
They wrote an article entitled "What is peer review?"

To do a proper Google search, one must find reputable sources for their information. All universities require reputable sources in college papers. That is, a quick Google search of any old site will not do. The statements made in the papers must show that the source is credible, not just some guy or gal talking about what they think or have heard.

The University of Maryland states "Who are the authors? Are they respected and well-known in the field? Are they easily identifiable? Have they written about other similar topics? What are their credentials? Is the source reputable? Is it published on a reputable, non-biased web site, or in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, and not from a newspaper, blog, or wiki?" among other things.

This means that only people who have the pertinent background can be considered reputable when speaking or writing about a particular area.

Wikipedia is not considered reputable because anyone can write an article but the references of a Wikipedia article can be checked to determine whether the information presented is accurate and credible.

So, when you post your information about Coronavirus, other health issues or anything scientific, you should use reputable sources. Otherwise, you may be spreading misinformation.

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