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Remains Of An Ancient Anunnaki Civilization Discovered In South Africa

Remains Of An Ancient Anunnaki Civilization Discovered In South Africa

Researchers have uncovered the remains of an extraordinary ancient metropolis which is located approximately 150km west of Port Maputo in South Africa. It is believed that this astonishing ancient city may well have formed part of a much larger community that lived across a space of around 10,000 kilometers in the region. Researchers have suggested that the remains of the buildings are the oldest to have ever been discovered and have the capacity to completely revolutionize conceptions regarding the history of humanity.

The existence of this metropolis came to light because of the efforts of the researcher and author Michael Tellinger and local fireman and pilot Johan Heine. The two men were aware that there were a number of strange stone circles located in the region which was regularly spotted by local farmers. People in the area believed that these stone circles might have been created by indigenous people in the ancient past and the two men decided to investigate.

Highly advanced and located next to numerous gold mine deposits!

The two men studied these fascinating stone circles for a long time before they realized that they were actually the remains of stone building structures. “I see myself as someone quite open-minded but I admit that it took me over a year to figure it out, and I realized that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by man on Earth, ” said Tellinger, “The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from South Africa. Powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places.”

It has been known for a long time that the first human beings on the planet emerged from the modern day South Africa region and this incredible find suggests that these first people had a remarkably advanced culture which has never been properly examined by researchers before. The discovery has also piqued interest in some circles as it may cast some light on the story of the Anunnaki.

It is believed that the Anunnaki originally created human beings to work as drone workers on their gold mines which were located on planet Earth in the very distant past. What is remarkable about the discovery of this ancient and long lost civilization is that it appears to be highly advanced and also located next to numerous gold mine deposits.

It graphically exposes these discoveries and will undoubtedly be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history!

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