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Romanian intelligence agents uncover secret alien headquarters

Romanian intelligence agents uncover secret alien headquarters

A team from the Romanian security services have uncovered what many people believe to be the top secret headquarters of alien beings deep inside the Bucegi Mountains.

The Romanian intelligence agents from a sector known as the Zero Department were led to the mountainous regions after a highly irregular tip from a source which said that there something huge that they needed to investigate as a matter of urgency. The agents scanned the Bucegi Mountains and were presented with some incredibly unusual readings. The mountains seemed to be emitting an unidentifiable energy source. In addition to that, there was a hollow region inside the very rock of the mountains despite the fact that there was no visible entry point.

The investigation then progressed with members of the Zero Department penetrating the mountain with laser cutters capable of slicing through the dense rock. After a great of gruelling work across the summer of 2003, the agents eventually managed to break into the mysterious hollow interior. What they discovered was quite literally out of this world.

The Zero Department personnel entered a room they have since termed ‘the Grand Gallery’. From there they discovered a projection room filled with material which strongly implied that an extra-terrestrial race was gathering information pertaining to the planet Earth. The agents found multiple documents relating to the life on planet Earth, with a particular focus on human beings. Some of the research seemed to suggest that the aliens were intensely interested in the make-up and human DNA and the potential for cross-breeding between themselves and human beings.

Given the enormity of this discovery, many people have been left wondering why it has not become the biggest news story of the century. The answer seems to lie in governmental intransigence to confirm that the discovery was made, and indeed, the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

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