Run Far Away If You See THIS On The Beach!

Run Far Away If You See THIS On The Beach!

When on holiday trouble could strike and if you are not aware you could mistake something dangerous for beauty. Hopefully, this will inform you in how to avoid this mistake and make walking on the beach much safer.

The tentacles and soft flesh make the Portuguese man o’ war resemble a jellyfish, but it’s not a true jellyfish.

The Portuguese man o' war floats in the oceans along with the current, usually in a pod (the name for a group of jellyfish) of 1,000 or more. The current is all the propels them as they have no way to move through the water. All that keeps the floating is that tell-tale bubble.

What makes them interesting is their tentacles that can range from 30 foot in length up to a recorded 165 feet. These are the reason that warnings are placed around beaches. The tentacles and soft flesh disguise it as a jellyfish, but it is anything but. It is a combination of four different organisms that have different roles. One of these roles is for example floatation.

They have a sting delivered through its tentacles used to paralyze prey. If it stings a human, it can cause painful welts and in extreme cases can kill. Though this is a very rare occurrence.

Imagine if you were swimming in the ocean with the man o' war. A creature that has no control of the direction of its extremely long tentacles. Even if the man o' war is washed up on the beach, it is still dangerous and can still sting you with its weak venom.

A myth about jellyfish stings is that you should pee on it. DO NOT do this as it can make things worse. The best course of action is to use a cold compress to reduce swelling. If the swelling gets worse or you have signs of an allergic reaction, you should go to the hospital.

Portuguese Man Of War Jellyfish O'
If You Ever See This In The Water Get As Far Away Possible Portuguese Man O' War Jellyfish
Si Ves Esto En La Playa Corre Portuguese Man O' War Jellyfish
Waimanalo Jellyfish Portuguese Man O' War

It’s actually four different organisms, each playing a sperate role, like flotation or reproduction.

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Portuguese Man Of War Sting Jellyfish O'
Portuguese Man Of War Tentacles O' Man-of-war

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