Russian Scientists Present Liquid Breathing Technology

Russian Scientists Present Liquid Breathing Technology

For many years, humans have been fascinated by animals that have the ability to breathe underwater.

For instance, the simple fish has been able to captivate us by never having to leave the water for air. The human race could benefit quite a bit from being able to breathe underwater: drownings could be prevented, and industries such as shellfish diving could be made much more efficient. However, for the time being, it's common knowledge that it is not a good idea to breathe underwater.

Animal familiarized itself with its new surroundings and started to breathe

However, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is planning to change the fact of being able to breathe underwater through his project on liquid breathing. The first test run has been quite a success: a Daschund was placed inside and special liquid-filled tank. While anyone with a brain would expect it to drown and die a slow and painful death, the animal familiarized itself with its new surroundings and started to breathe as if nothing had happened.

When the dog was removed from the liquid, the laboratory staff wiped it with a towel, and the head of the Serbian delegation saw that the dog was in a perfectly fine condition. To further prove his point, he stroked the dog and noted that he was very impressed with the experiment.

Project manager Fedor Arseniev, on behalf of the Foundation for advanced studies has brought up the fact that this sort of technology could be used in situations such as saving sailors who have been victims of a submarine wreck. However, there is a concern of decompression sickness, where rising more than 100 meters very quickly to get back to the surface can prove deadly.

However, in the proposed submarine, humans can wear a special device that does not contain any of the sickness0causing nitrogen, thus allowing them to return to the surface unharmed.

Perhaps one day this project will expand globally, and we will actually be able to swim like a fish in the ocean!

Liquid breathing. How to breathe under water?

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