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Scientist Claims: We Are Aliens On Planet Earth

Scientist Claims: We Are Aliens On Planet Earth

For hundreds of years, the argument of whether aliens exist has constantly been seesawed, and until this very day, the answer still is not available. Many people still say that these many instances of UFOs spotting seemingly every year are in fact aliens studying humans, while others agree more with what the government indicates, which is that these are military aircraft doing some tests in the sky at night. The term alien has taken on different meanings throughout the years.

everyone on the planet Earth is an alien

In 2016, using the term alien typically means an individual who is not in a country by legal means. This is more commonly known as being an illegal alien, a term most often used in the United States when people from South America enter the country illegally and make it a point to stay and loophole methods of receiving amnesty in North America. Despite these many definitions for the same words, scientists are taking the idea of calling certain humans to an entirely different level. Scientists are stating that everyone on the planet Earth is an alien.

These scientists have come out and said that humans are in fact not even from the planet Earth, therefore making every single human who inhabits the planet an alien. One scientist has created a book and within the book provides seventeen different reasons for why this is true. The scientist by the name of Dr. Ellis Silver indicates that humans evolved and were born on an entirely different planet where there was a much lower sense of gravitational pull. Building off from Silver's remarks, he is also insinuating that this must be the reason for why humans are so incapable of handling some of the most advanced technology available because humans were not born on this planet and had not grasped the capabilities of such tech yet.

He uses the fact that other animals like lizards are fully capable of sunbathing for endless amounts of time, but if a human stays in the sun for just a few hours, humans begin to burn and face painful consequences as well as the potential for skin cancer. He uses this example to prove that humans are still trying to learn the ins and outs of maintaining life on Earth and that there is still much more to grasp for the human race. Back injuries may also be proof that humans were born on a different planet with different gravity. Humans are the only race that deals with this issue of bad backs developing over time.

This comes off as highly unusual. However, Dr. Ellis' points do make some sense. Humans are by far a unique species in existence. This could also be the reasoning why people are never capable of finding aliens from other planets. That may be because everyone on Earth already is an alien, therefore finding other ones will essentially never happen.

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