Scientists Struggle To Explain Green Glow Thunderstorm Over Sidney

Scientists Struggle To Explain Green Glow Thunderstorm Over Sidney

A recent hailstorm in Sydney, Australia resulted in the skies turning green.

Pictures were posted online of the storm, which featured a sky with a creepy tint of green. The pictures have sparked some debate as to the reason for the green glow.

There are many theories as to why the clouds turned green. Doctor Joshua Soderholm, a scientist at Monash University, has tried to clear up much of the debate surrounding the mystery.

Thursday's storm looked like something out of a horror story

Thunderstorm Storm Cell

Many people at first thought that it was light coming off green grass that was reflected through the storm and back into the eyes of humans. Soderholm explained that this was not accurate.

Soderholm dismisses another popular theory that claims the green clouds developed because of the difference between warmer afternoon light colors and the cloud.

Soderholm claims that the clouds may have appeared green due to the thunderstorms acting as a filter. The light going through the thunderstorm is filtering out specific wavelengths. One of the wavelengths that made it through the storm was green in color, according to Soderholm.

Cloud Sky

Soderholm also claims that many meteorologists, as well as himself, believe that green clouds symbolize a future hailstorm. The more severe the storm, the more pronounced the color of green in the clouds.

Also observed was colored lightning in relation to the recent storm in Sydney. Soderholm explains that this relates to the moisture content of the air. Dry air will produce different colored lightning than humid air for example. Also affecting the color of lightning in the presence of dust in the air, which typically turns the lightning a color in between red and orange.