Scotland’s oldest woman (109): 'Avoiding men is the secret to a long fife'

Scotland’s oldest woman (109): 'Avoiding men is the secret to a long fife'

In 2014, Scotland's oldest women 109-year-old Jessie Gallan disclosed her humorous secret to leading a lengthy, healthy life. Gallan blamed her 109 years of life on a hot bowl of porridge every morning. Also, keeping far away from men!

Oldest Woman in Scotland says Men Avoidance is Secret to Long Life

“They’re just more trouble than they’re worth, ” the energetic elderly women revealed to the Daily Mail. As a result of leaving home at the tender age of 13 to milk cows for a living, Gallan learned early on the importance of working hard to make your way in the world. “I worked hard and seldom would I ever take a holiday, ” she stated.

Throughout Gallan's entire life, she carried this effective work ethic. Adamantly denying to rely on anybody but herself, the old woman has never been married. She claims that she never had to rely on anyone, despite some ups and downs.

"She's amazing, ” disclosed a worker at a nursing home where Gallan stays at. At a whopping 109 years of age, Gallan flourishes in everything that she does. Moreover, she often was present at church and weekly exercise classes.

Tragically, Gallan passed away only a few months after disclosing her long life secrets on a YouTube video at the ripe age of 109 in March of 2015 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Hopefully, she remains a reminder to everyone to live an exciting, full life no matter what our age is. She most definitely will be missed by many.

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