SEA PLANKTON living on surface of the ISS found in space

SEA PLANKTON living on surface of the ISS found in space

This is an amazing find by accident and may trigger research of growing organism in space for astronauts. Planktons are found on the surface of sea or river. These planktons are microscopic organisms which may be a protozoan, crustacean, diatoms, eggs and even larvae of some animals.

These planktons play a vital role in the aquatic ecosystem as they serve as food for fish and other aquatic animals. In short, it is a living entity. These planktons were found on the exterior of International Space Station windows while they were cleaning it.

Planktons found in space

This seems impossible because in space the conditions are extreme, and these planktons survived the vacuum, extreme radiation, and sub-zero temperatures in space. They were sure that these planktons were not present during the launch of the ISS. How did this micro-organism end up in the space station is amazing, it does prove that planktons were present in space as well? But it is to be noted that certain microbes and known to survive in extreme climates and environments, they are found in sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic and also never the hot lava vents and boiling water.

An invertebrate microscopic animal called tardigrade is capable of staying alive in the vacuum for ten days. Microbes are found half a mile beneath the ice on the poles. NASA said that these planktons may have been uplifted from the earth and landed on the ISS, but some scientist refuse this point.

If these hardy planktons can survive a ride in space is vital for researchers to consider growing these planktons in space environments to produce food for the astronauts for a unlimited number of days which will be important for inter-stellar space travel which may take a lifetime or even a few generations. So instead of trying to grow plants, growing planktons could be a better option.

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