Sea-serpents discovered in 2020

Sea serpents, lake monsters and other aquatic cryptids are creatures that often earn a spot here on the channel. This past month has seen a rash of stories about strange animals washing up on beaches and being seen by confused witnesses.

Is there a reason behind the increase, is what beach combers are finding, really cryptozoological specimens.

Just which cryptids are said to have been found?

The first report comes from Argentina and is from a lake where an unfortunate British tourist lost his life.

The lake monster is known as Nahuelito

and is said to be an animal which many compare to the legend that is Nessie, described as a giant serpent or a huge hump backed water dwelling creature, as well as the old analogy of a plesiosaur. Nahuelito has been shown through photos captured of a hump, or a serpentine body breaking the surface of the water.

Could the tourist’s death be linked to the animal?

A recent video came to light showing the moment a gigantic creature in Nahuel Huapi(narwell huwhalhapi) Lake surfaced and had many asking what it was and if was dangerous.

Many were concerned and pointed to the story of a British tourist who was trying to cross Nahuel Huapi Lake in a kayak when he got into trouble.

The body of the 34-year-old man was discovered some 20 miles away from where he was last seen. Local authorities had reportedly closed the lake because of weather conditions. These bad conditions being the official reason to the man’s drowning but could he have had a run in one with the cryptid.

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