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Shocking: CIA Funds The Bilderberg Group Since Its Inception... in 1954

Shocking: CIA Funds The Bilderberg Group Since Its Inception... in 1954

A conference known as the Bilderberg meeting has developed a unique reputation over the past few decades.

Many people have speculated that significant national and global events are planned at this conference. Such events including wars and fiscal policy are believed to be on the agenda every year at the conference by the public.

Many conspiracy theorists subscribe to the idea that the Bilderberg meeting is where many important people such as presidents, prime ministers, bankers, and high ranking military personnel meet in order to shape the outlook and direction of human society through various methods.

This suspicion over the Bilderberg meeting is largely considered to be the work of radical conspiracy theorists and is often dismissed by the majority of people. However, recent CIA documents have revealed that the agency wanted to push its’ agenda in the 1950s regarding the Cold War. As a result, the CIA was the main financiers of the conference.

Germany Dresden 2016 Bilderberg Conference

The financing of the Bilderberg meetings by the CIA may reveal that the purpose of the meetings is to influence certain global events, especially regarding the agenda and mission of the CIA.

Who attends the meeting every year is not known, although many people are suspected to be in attendance based on their status in the global world. Recent developments have revealed that the CIA heavily tried to influence European opinion in the 1950s in relation to the Cold War. The influence also extended beyond Europe to the rest of the world, according to declassified CIA documents.

The Bilderberg meeting is significant because many people feel that the meeting has vital influence on all aspects of human life and human resources. Many people claim the Bilderberg meeting aims to concentrate wealth and resources to the rich and their families, instead of a more balanced approach.

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