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SMS records released today shows Assange was FRAMED BY POLICE in sex case

SMS records released today shows Assange was FRAMED BY POLICE in sex case

The Wikileaks website has by far been a pushing force against Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election. They have been spilling stolen information from Hillary’s emails, and it is suspected that a large part of her loss of the presidency. The leaked emails were a victory for Trump’s supporters.

There has been some downfall for the creator of the site, however. The creator and supposed hacker of the site have been attacked by a dating site.

The site exposed that he had made plans to meet with an underage Canadian girl and supposedly rape her. There are a few questions that have come up because of this release of information.

Firstly, why would a dating website target someone who is trying to expose the truth? Secondly, why would the dating website knowing that this information exists, hold on to it and keep the harm of an underage girl from the authorities? Lastly, who is the website working for and why would they care enough to expose this information?

It is a common thought of wiki-leak supporters that the Clinton administration had something to do with this. They are notorious for paying off people that have information that they don’t want to be leaked. This election cycle there was a mass amount of videos that showed people who were a part of the Clinton Foundation and campaign handlers that were lying and hiding things, and proud of it.

There is no question that this election was not one of the best, and both sides have been known to twist the truth to get what they want. As an over-all rule, both parties were unhappy with the candidates they were given. But the fact that the Wikileaks owner was attacked is indicative of the Clinton campaign pushing the limits to try to get the presidency.

Wikileaks just released the following statement

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