Something really strange on the Falcon Heavy test flight

Something really strange on the Falcon Heavy test flight

Ok this is really weird. The thing is flying along, when at 34.00 I noticed the background switch from this

image 0

to this in a single frame.


Vid here

I kid you not, this looks like some kind of background simulation. Look at those black panels,

do they have sensors on them? the horizontal white bits seem to go off the edge onto the other panels?

The 2 spot lights? That thing in the middle.. what the heck is that? Maybe a cable coming off the round dark bit. the purple and green colours I don't understand what they are at all..

@MrZorg please explain?

Car does not move a millimetre between the 2 seconds or so it happens, same vehicle, same helmet etc. Just the lighting changes completely as does the background.. Why does the background change then light up with a flash and come back to space again? I've never seen anything like it... Geez what a can of worms. Surely someone has seen this before? It wasn't hard to miss even at full speed.

I'll tell you something else, that video used to be 39 mins long, there was a black ufo going left to right at the end, they edited the video time!

Next frame

image 1

Next frame or so

image 2


image 3

image 4

Then back to this

image 5

image 6