South African Woman Discovers Surreal Insect Living Inside Her Garden

South African Woman Discovers Surreal Insect Living Inside Her Garden

It was on an average day in South Africa that Margaret Neville decided that she would take a walk through her garden. It was during this stroll that she discovered something peculiar that subsequently sparked her interest. Perched comfortably on a lavender bush located in her garden, was an insect that according to Margaret was her first time witnessing. She was amazed by what she had witnessed.

Mantis Insect Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergi

The bug appeared to resemble a delicate glass piece that had been precisely sculpted. Her frame was covered with tiny purple flowerlike adornments whilst her wings were green and white with elegant swirl embroiders. After her discovery, Margaret Neville decided to capture the beautiful creature via photo and shared it with her friend Kerri Martinaglia, whom as expected was just as impressed. According to the Dodo, Martinaglia after seeing a photo of the insect compared it to an exquisite work of art.

Both Neville and Martin after their discovery was informed that the insect found was referred to as a "Flower Mantis". It is a subspecies of praying mantis that is notable for its ability to camouflage itself into its surroundings. This trick is used by the mantis as a survival mechanism against potential predators.

Mantis Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergi Insect

"Miss Frilly Pants", a name conjured by Margaret Neville, has been sitting on her lavender for the entire month of September. Upon the submission of photos of "Miss Frilly Pants by Margaret, she was met with great admiration. The insect was commended for its stunning and surreal appearance. Not only has she attracted attention online but also within her floral setting with Margaret confirming that "Miss Frilly Pants" now has a suitor. Whilst male-female mantis relationships are short-lived, Margaret hopes that the encounter will result in many more Miss Frilly.

It's quite remarkable how with just a simple stroll outside the house the things one might discover. With the rapid growth of technology causing individuals to be glued to screens 24/7, it's hard not to think about the things that society could be potentially missing out on. Margarets Seville and "Miss Frilly Pants" story is evidence of this notion and should serve to inspire others to follow a similar feat.

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