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Spectacular ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up Days Before Solar Eclipse

Spectacular ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up Days Before Solar Eclipse

Only days before the solar eclipse in the US a huge crop circle has made an appearance in the UK at Sutton Hall, and it brings with it a message for humanity that is important. The crop circle appeared overnight on August 17 at the hall, which is close to London Southend Airport.

Crop Circle Has Appearance Of Radio Broadcast Tower With Satellite Dish

Generally, the region where a crop circle appears is electrostatically charged, and there is a form of electromagnetic energy with the name of ionized plasma vortex, in other words, ball lighting.

If you take a closer look at this and perhaps imagine that in this formation the overall appearance seems to be that of a radio broadcast tower and it has a satellite dish close to the top. In this instance, the satellite dish resembles the typical symbols for a solar eclipse. This is very interesting when you take into account that the Great American eclipse is going to happen within just a few days, today, in fact, 21 August.

Is The Crop Circle A Message From Somewhere Or Someone?

So what is the meaning of the appearance of the crop circle? Some have said that perhaps we have received a message from someone or somewhere. Could it mean that new frequencies are not heading to planet Earth and the eclipse has something to do with it? It has been pointed out that celestial bodies and this include the sun, can have an impact on the minds, physical body, and consciousness.

Another thing that is intriguing of this particular crop circle is that many of the symbols seem to have been arranged in three different columns with seven boxes each. But what the symbols mean no one really knows.

Crop Circle Eclipse London Southend Airport Solar Of August 21 2017

Lower Base Points Towards South Airport In London

The lower base of what has been said to be the radio broadcast tower is pointing towards the Southend airport of London, which is in the distance. Does this have any particular meaning? Is there any particular meaning to the whole of the crop circle as it has appeared so close to the date of the eclipse? Perhaps it is a reminder that people should take the time out to be present while the eclipse is taking place or perhaps it does not mean anything at all.

An in-house astrologer has given some advice, and they said that during the eclipse people should look into their heart to find out what it is telling you to create. Look at the steps that you can take towards fulfilling your passions and how you can express yourself in a way that is a reflection of who you are.

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