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Strange Anomaly Discovered On Asteroid Eros

Strange Anomaly Discovered On Asteroid Eros

Could a bizarre anomaly on EROS have led to NASA losing control of spacecraft?

The second largest near-Earth object with an average diameter of approximately 16.8 kilometers is the mysterious and highly controversial EROS. EROS is described as a stony and oddly shaped asteroid which was visited and researched by the NASA NEAR Shoemaker space probe back in 1998. The images captured on this visit and the unusual details of the mission have led to some highly unusual questions being raised.

Back in 1998, the NASA spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker first visited Eros in a flyby mission. In 2000, the space agency entered the asteroid’s orbit and a year later on February 12th, 2001, EROS became the first asteroid that the space agency ever soft-landed on using maneuvering jets. In the course of this historic mission, NASA equipment captured some images of the surface of the asteroid some of which have raised eyebrows among members of the public.

Eros Asteroide 433 Asteroid

In this particular image, the NASA cameras captured what they describe as being an enormous, rectangular boulder which is around 148 feet in length. While objects exhibiting such a perfect right-angled appearance do sometimes occur in nature (such as in the course of crystallization), it is highly unusual for a rock formation to develop in this way. Could it be possible that the rectangular object was created by intelligent hands?

Asteroid Eros 433

The appearance of this deeply unusual boulder is made all the more mysterious by the problems which beset the first attempt to reach EROS in 1998. The team operating the spacecraft found themselves struggling to keep control of the spacecraft as it approached the near-Earth object. The original disruption is linked to computer problems, but following a staggering 128 simulations aimed at establishing the sequence of events that would completely explain the malfunction, the researchers were still baffled as to why they could not regain control of the craft immediately. To this day, there has still been no comprehensive explanation as to why this happened.

Eros Asteroid Anomaly 433

This has led some people to suggest that the unusual boulder on Eros could well have been made by intelligent hands. However, the origin of the rectangular object and its potential purpose are still a complete mystery.

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