0per@tion !ndig0 Skyf0ld (Atmospheric Aerosol Injection)

These were taken this morning from my backyard.

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Central Az was getting it good the other day.

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This is Phoenix

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I’m up in Rimrock area, north of phx.

What I found interesting was our “weather forecast” showed mostly cloudy Friday through Sunday. So far, each morning starts out beautifully blue void of any clouds…then they start right after sunrise and go ALL DAY. By 11am the whole sky is grey, my nose is running and my head hurts.

Yes! I feel vindicated in a way. This has been going on up here for literally years and there are a lot of upper respiratory issues, most seem to be what I call ‘Super Allergies’ only because that best describes what is happening to people.
I’ve been doing Wim Hof and Buytenko breathing for awhile and I’m amazed at the crap that builds up in my lungs.

Do those techniques actually help you expel stuff from your lungs?

For me they do

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We get these bad in the uk almost a daily basis. Creating a criss cross pattern over the sky aswell as triangle patterns. Mad colours as the sun sets. Hate it makes me angry that its blatenly done with no reasonable answer. They do all this kinda stuff to our planet aswell as nuclear waste. Then blame it on us as a population when in facts its down to a room full of powerfull weirdos. Lol



Yes, then say that carbon need to be taxed,
F’ them



I discovered something very interesting a few years back. The chemical composition of fly ash (byproduct of coal burning) is nearly identical to what is coming out of these planes. Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium. Disposing of this stuff is EXTREMELY expensive, so a portion of it is mixed in with concrete mix as a filling agent. I’d hypothesize that another large portion is turned into a sprayable solution for these planes to use. There’s multiple purposes for this obviously (ice nucleation, solar reflectivity, early onset dementia, PH manipulation of crops, etc), but with an unlimited and practically FREE supply of raw material…there’s no end in sight for this program.

@silverfox @TheAlien @Rahmanz_Beatz

What does breathing it in do to the lungs?
Inhaling, not to mention injecting, metals into the body interacts with 5g how?

Not in a Good Way…


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Effects of Heavy Metal Toxicity and EMF Interactions

When you accumulate toxic metals in any of your body’s internal organs, especially the brain, you are more vulnerable to the radiation that comes from devices like cell phones. The exposure results in your body’s microbes reacting to the point of creating more toxins in your body, creating a dangerous negative feedback loop that leads to chronic illnesses and suffering in affected individuals.


Oh Jeebus…5G, ugh, yes. You’re absolutely right. What kind of amplification effects will heavy metals in our bloodstream and brain give this sinister technology?

Thanks Cat❤

I am picking up what your putting down…

But why not just bury it?

Taking it and putting inot a airplane is more money than just burying it yes?

I am not arguing, just another question to ponder. :+1:t2:

And I have artificial hips…

Ha! Literally just left this on another thread:

Why else do they keep implementing stronger frequencies for our phones to operate on? Well if that doesn’t work there’s the floride in the toothpaste. Since thats not enough, let’s taint the bottled water. Not drinking water ya say? Let’s spray this crap into the air, that’ll get 'em!