1 Gb Internet Speed

I got fiber hooked up on monday
I have 1 gb download/upload speed
According to Oookla spped test
I am getting very fast, off by 100 or so , according to the test.


Where I download from
I have yet to get past 10.5 for download speed
I should be anywhere in the 75-90 range.

What a crock!

But do have provider looking into it.


But at least im paying $20 less a month for nothing LMAO


With that said, anyone know how I can figure out if the provider is “throttling” my download speed?


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Due to COVID a lot of internet providers are throttling download and upload speeds unfortunately. I have AT&T fiber and though on most days it’s lightning fast usually in the mornings, come late afternoon and nights it’s still good but not as fast for what I’m paying.

Not meaning to derail but here in the U.S covid has become the excuse for everything related to bad service. If you call a business and get bad service and complain you get “we are sorry sir but due to the covid virus blah blah ad finitum”. I have actually tried to call the bank for over an hour and get no answer. So I get in the truck and drive to the bank and walk in the lobby and dial the number and watch them sitting there eating chips and looking at their cell phones while it is ringing. The bank manager is walking around pay it no mind. So when I walk to the window and hold up my phone and say "that is me calling you guys they get upset and say “but we have the covid virus and we are shorthanded with the lockdown”. Well dang there are 4 tellers and no is doing squat but its the covid and short handed…

Sorry for the rant .


Thats totally understandable, i did almost the exact same thing a couple months back at my bank lol

Ya, i hear what ya saying, but this is at anytime of day so far

Depending on where you are downloading from, you also have to take into account the upload speeds you are able to request from the servers. If it cant come to you any faster then your max download speed…it won’t. I have found that I get a much better indication of my download capability when using p2p downloading from multiple sources…rarely do I get the speeds I do when downloading well seeded torrents versus I am downloading even from a major corporate server directly.

I understand, same sites for over 10yrs
And previously had 300 speed,
And was able to get 250 speed on download from same sites

And the sites themselves have upgraded over the years.

So, i think its being throttled

Canada has terrible infrastructure for internet, coupled with monopolies. Makes sense, given the dispersed population on such a large land mass. Korea for instance has one of the fastest/cheapest internet systems in the world, which also makes sense given that 50-60 million people live in an area the size of say NB. Maybe if Elon Musk lowers his price in the future, ubiquitous satellite internet will be the norm.

Internet companies throttle upload speeds than download speeds

I just got 1 gb as well. Was having the exact same issues.
You should be getting 1000 mbs

If you’re using your wireless from your router you need to go to control panel, then to Network and Sharing, then to ethernet to see what the speed is. Go to properties in your ethernet status menu and then go to configure then to advanced tab then select Speed and Duplex and then select “1Gb full Duplex” from the drop down menu. Mine was set at 100mbs. You’ll get the most consistent speed from a cat 6 or better cable though.

The other part is…if you’re going to test with their online program you need to make sure nothing else like phones and TVs are on the network. Just the computer you are testing with. Then I was getting 900 +mb.

Use the independant speed test too, not the one they suggest. They set them up for lies about what you are getting. One of the major carriers in NC has their own speedtest. They will tell you to go to SpeedTest.WI**********.net. I shows a great signal there and they will tell you the problem in is in your device. Go to the independant Speetest.net see how much slower it is. If the ISP is throttling you do not expect them to help you figure it out.

backbone throttling

Thanks for the input people, i had the tech here today, and he tried a different speed test,

He downloaded from another source on his computer and only got 300

Said it was the website i use.

He could not explain or did not want to, how i was to get 250 from another provider not even 3 yrs ago with the same website with only 300 speed.

Sigh…always a problem with telus in Canada :roll_eyes:

Nor did he say why he only got 300 speed on his own computer LMAO

Yea call the unemployment office and ask why you havnt been paid yet like i did. I think the lady was trying to give crona over the phone cause everything from why her toe nail broke to why 2 light bulbs were out in the office it was because of crona! this shit is rediculous and fucking sick of hearing about it.


I noticed that too…i recently hit a deer…well actually the deer ran into my rear quarter…not the point. I call the ins company and asked the to send someone over to access this so i can file a claim and get it fixed…they told me the same speil “do to covid” they couldnt send anyone over and i had to take it to a dealer with 20 or more people there and possibly expose myself rather than send a claims adjuster or w/e to my empty driveway to look at it…what a crock…im gunna start using that excuse everyone else does wtf


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