100 myths that you may find interesting or not even lol


That was interesting.

Good post.

This was okay right up til the vaccines do not cause autism, bro, ask Vietnam about what Bill Gates has done there, Ask India why Gates has an arrest warrent, ask about the truth of the Zika virus vaccine but ask Brazil and finally how come Peru has Bill Gates listed as a criminal wanted for crime against humanity, be careful who you follow.

My buddy at the corner store is suicidal today because ingesting cow is fobidden by his religion and finding out he just had dead cow cells injected into his body casts him to burn eternally. His family is distraught, won’t leave him alone for a minute all cause they never told him about the poisons in the vaccine.

Thanks for the post, it was interesting to read all those myths, i liked it.

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Dude dont have cowman im pretty sure he copied the post off the net. Its prolly not his personal myth beliefs.

Not having a cow, my homie ended his life last night or the vax got him, not sure yet as I gotta talk to his father

sorry to here that DICKSISCO1980 but it was probably the Jab. Take care

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