13-year-old had his 2nd Pfizer COVID shot and DIED three days after

How it started:


How it ended:


It’s 100% safe…

For the manufacturers.


I had a heart transplant assessment last Thursday/Friday at one of the UKs leading heart hospitals. There currently seeing a huge increase in people be admitted with heart failure type symptoms. Has well has sudden heart attacks in younger people. I was asked by my doctor if i had had a Vaccine and told him out right NO and don’t plan too. He said good. Don’t. And don’t let anyone try to bully you to have one neither. Doctors know that this rise is due to vaccines. And yet are been told not to talk about it. That says all you need to know.


But they are all protected…



They argue that the benefits outweigh the risks – I utterly disagree.

Any percentile of this type of reaction is too much. I fear that he wont be the last kid we read about succuming to this. And were still very early doors.


I’m surprised the Doctor was so earnest with you. Good on him though – we need more of it to wake people up.

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Not one staff member was for it. When i had to have a PCR test done the nurse said she hates doing them because there useless and prove nothing. Has there specialists in heart care. They are seeing more and more people coming in with heart failure type symptoms and heart attacks. So they know something is wrong. When i talked with one doctor while having and echocardiogram. He said about the number of heart failure type symptoms coming in. And i said about the broken heart syndrome which is a type of HF caused by fear stress and anxiety. Which i said is been pushed by government and MSM with the lockdowns ect. This is because of large amounts of adrenaline which damages the heart. And he agreed that is what he thought was the cause in the rise of cases. The problem they have on speaking out is there been told not to talk about it or there out of a job. This censorship of doctors should be enough for people to wake up. But there too engrossed in the lies of government and MSM.


I’m just doing what corporate mandates…


“I know it’s mostly safe…”
What the hell is going on with peoples thought processing?
It’s asinine comments like this that make me wonder if mind control is at work here. :rage:


Although some folk just dont want to know.

I have a friend living in Canada … he has resorted to calling me delusional. He honestly believes I’ve cracked!

Its sad.

“He had no known health problems. Was on no medications.”

Then why would you you give him any medicine let alone a experimental one?

There is absolutely no reason a 13 year old kid should get jabbed, they have zero risk of covid complications, this is becoming insane, parents need to stop doing this immediately.


I have had a similar experience with a friend of 42yrs who works in the NHS. He thinks of me has a dangerous dirty anti vaxxer and covidiot now. Even banned me from attending a motorbike rally in Sept. I dosent matter to him that i have allergic reaction to some of the vax ingredients or on blood thinning. Which even UK gov guidelines said not to take one. I would like to see him brush of been told by a leading transplant surgeon telling me to not be bullied into taking one. Those who say that this plandemic has not changed people are has bad has those claiming the gene therapies are 100% safe. There is not one drug vaccine or medical device that is 100% safe. Its just outright lies.


She is still pro vaccine, and brag that she vaxxed her doughter. Propabely infertile now, and spike proteins injury will come with time.


So the boomers funded gain of function research to invent a virus that kills people. Then the boomers invented a vaccine that is safe for boomers but kills young people. Sounds about right. Boomers gonna boom I guess. Ruining the world since 1950. Lol

I think there is a world of hurt waiting for all those that have been complicit.


You still haven’t learned about dividing people into groups i see. Jackasses gonna jackass


It is a shame that you are so stupid to think what ever comes out of your tv is real. DO SOME RESEARCH before you kill your kid. Oh too late keep watching CNN and those like it. WE needed a purge anyway. So many stupid people that can’t think for them selves. Please tell your friends that the shot works against a fake virus. Morons. PBWY

People pass out minutes after the shot or even die, Many cases with people dying a few days later, I do believe that most who got this shot will be dead within the next 2 to 5 years easily, Watch humans become the next endangered species. If you dont die you probably wont be capable of reproduction. When has the government ever told the truth, 90 percent of conspiracies have become true the other 10 percent havnt come out yet, its safe to drink gasoline because its just a carbohydrate but i wouldnt recommend it just like this shot.


Or, “I’m pro-vaccine,” as though that somehow entails complete knowledge of the situation, and thus alleviates anymore thought on the matter.