200 German Doctors Invited For Jab In Saarland - Less Than 100 Show Up

What do you think how safe is Covid Jab when of 200 medical professionals invited to receive it less than 100 show up?

+/- 50% of all doctors in the German province of Saar-land who refused the jab cannot be called Covidiots or Conspiracy Theorists - they are in the Know, more than we are. When they don’t show for their jab appointment please take an example, don’t trust anybody telling you the jab is safe.

IMHO between the Jab & iPhone, iPad, iPuke, iPoop… you’ll be turned into iGor …


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I’m going to line up for the jab the second I have the chance. Also, this is my preferred method of hanging out with my cat… :thinking:

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What i am finding difficult to grasp with this vaccine is as follows.
We are told that the mRNA vaccines DO NOT ALTER your DNA. However manufacturers have said the way it works is to alter your DNA and reprogram it to produce part of the SARS COV2 spike proteins and by so doing helps boost the immune systems response to build the antibodies needed to fight convid! So who is right? Will it or will it not alter your DNA?
Many medical professionals are out right refused to have this vaccine! Why? What do they know that the larger public are not been told?
If the vaccine is SOOOOOOO GOOD. then why are some places saying no jab then you will be excluded from much of life ie shopping going to a restaurant or bar cinema sporting/music events. Because surly tose who have woukd be surely protected with these amazing vaccines. Why are governments making lists of those who are refusing it?
Will we see (as it is already been seen in the UK demanding you wear a yellow sticker to show you have a medical exemption from masks) a further split and a new class of citizens been made where thise who refuse are forced to openly wear a badge openly to show they are not vaccinated? I read this week how an historian said with regards to the holocaust of ww2 by the Nazis. Once holocaust denial reaches a certain level within the population. It will only be a matter of time before the next and bigger holocaust will begin. Dont forget the true holocaust began in the mid to late 30s in Nazi Germany. It began with firstly removing the sick and disabled people from Nazi Germany this lead to the holocaust of ridding Europe under the Nazis of the Jews as well as those deemed unwanted from gays to political beliefs. These people all went to concentration camps many was gased many shot and many more worked to death. Are we not already hearing of oeople been detained under CONVID laws and held in camp’s? Do our American friends not keep saying about large FEMA camps that have been constructed around the US? And why have they got millions of large plastic coffins that are big enough to fit 3 or 4 bodies in? Is all this part of the bigger picture? The plan for a global mass genocide? Are the elites the GATES the Rockefellers ect acting out what we so 80yrs ago? And not only a grab at power and world domination. But also recreating the human race in there eyes and using the idea of racial purity for a new humanity for there new utopia?


Well I’m not taking the vaccine, my Spidey senses are tingling large with this one, and If the Elites decide that I’ve got to go to be Eradicated for the good of human kind then so be It, I’d rather be out of here than live In a World full of dictators, tyrants and King’s, throw In the Karens, snowflake trans eco Influencers and I’m done.


We are told so many things, but we are not kids any more that need to be told and folks telling us stuff are not our parents…stop listening and start thinking for yourself, like those 100+ MDs did.

Simple logic …

More simple logic …

It’s all logic today …


Must add the side note to above meme, if guns kill than spoons make people fat and cars drive drunk.


Until i see the clinical date from the experimental vaccine i will not take it full stop. To date there is zero data to show the effect of this posion in conjunction with the 9 other medications i am currently taking for my stage 3 Heart Failure. Two of tgose turned out to be experimental and licensing given the same as the vaccine has. My other concerns are there is also no data to show the effect on a person with pre existing conditions. For instance the flu vax caused a reaction due to containing aluminium and other nasty element’s which cased a huge reaction with my occupational ashtma. Funny how i did not have it this and haz ZERO reactions or flare ups. People have been called all kinds of crap and been told to get their tin foil hat on for years for saying about th agenda 21/2030. Yet here we are. And those same people are lining up for there shots.



image :beers:

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Those clowns need couple of more PhDs to lock this cat down.

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Was one of those ones :beers:

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Vaccines take years to produce and are roughly 50% effective.

This one took months yet is 90% effective.

Is that 90%+effective in culling the human population.

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That’s probably what they actually mean.

Politicians have a great way of spinning the actual truth.