2020 Worst Year Ever...Not Hardly

Here’s a List of

Years Past That Were

Deffo Worse Than 2020


Declaring 2020 “the worst year ever” reveals much about the psychology of our delusional state of affairs. It reflects an absolutely abysmal grasp of human history and a self-absorbed desire to exaggerate the calamity so the rebound will be gloriously triumphant.

Historically illiterate people abound. If that were not true, people would not still be talking about socialism and massive government control.

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Ty TD !!

Given That The Average
Numb Nuts

Has The Attention Span
Of a Moth…

And Lacks The Ability
To Even Recall
Events That Occurred
During Their Lifetime…

This Does Bare Repeating


And Yet Again

The world is more peaceful than anytime in over 30 years.
Softness sets in and even the smallest “inconvenience” is the world ending.
TV has made the world weak. Internet gives that weakness steroids.
Keep faith…the world has been much worse that it is today,
and we have made it better than it was then. We can still make it even better.
But education instead of indoctrination is the key.
Teach your children well.
Nice post Brenda :beers:

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…And Know They Love You…


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2020 is my worse year ever

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2020 worst ever? This is just a opening year of a new Trans-human global highway; masks, vaccines, submission and isolation is just first pit-stop…this will not kill enough of us so worse is to come to get us down to 500 mil.


Pray You Are Wrong…

I’ll Pray God Have Mercy and Hope I’m wrong…

Every time YOU turn on any electrical device, YOU, yes YOU personally
murder a polar bear cub!

Unless YOU, yes YOU change your ways NOW the world will run out
of food by 1980!

Amen Brother

And yet, here we are :grinning::rofl:

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I would not believe much from those crooks at the UN…

Sure for today’s cotton wool kids it must’ve been hectic, but it wouldn’t rank top ten…maybe they should put some concrete in this vax… :beers:

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