255 'transgender' inmates request transfer to women's prisons under California's new law


For those who are wondering how the Democrats’ “Equality Act” — requiring people to be treated according to their gender identity — will operate if passed, we’re getting some foreshadowing from California.

Can’t say I blame em! If I ever have to go back to the joint, I think I’m gonna become temporarily transgendered…

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Would be like going to heaven…:joy:

Oh the wonders of progress, its doing a great job protecting women…
And the children from pedos too,
nah, nothing brutally sinister about the progressive ideology the fools are latching onto believeing they are creating a better world, a real utopia isnt it.

Have no fear left wing progressives,
you ideology is going to make this world a wonderful safe free open diverse equal
non racist non mysoginst non sexist society that benefits everyone isnt it???

Your not real fools being used by the nwo neo-communist anti human nwo global totalitarian depop hate machine, nah, no way.

You came up with all these wonderful ideals all by yourself and your creating wonderful sound change for all women and men and all the genders inbetween.
Especially the sanctity of children thank God aye.

Oooh i cant wait, its going to be just great isnt it?

Great job… :lying_face: :roll_eyes: :no_mouth:

And now to Sports…

“The California Cougars State Prison transgender flag football team has had an amazing run over the last 3 seasons, going 45-0 while breaking every single record on the books! A side note… it seems a strange new take on the “take a knee” pre-game anthem protest has taken on a whole new meaning:

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