40% Of recent 'Covid' victims died of something else!

BlockquoteNearly 40 per cent of recently registered Covid deaths in England and Wales were people who died primarily from another condition, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

A nice little report slipped into a UK national newspaper this afternoon. Apparently nearly 40% of recent covid deaths were not covid deaths after all! So it begs the question; how many deaths in the so called covid waves were actually from covid? Add to that, apparently no-one died from good old fashioned influenzas or pneumonia during the ‘pan epidemic’ which would normally account between 35,000 to 45,000 deaths in a year and the covid ‘death’ figures become a simple joke considering what the official figures did for the country and the freedoms of the people that disappeared.

About 130,000 in the UK apparently died of covid. Simply deduct the ‘false 40%’ and then deduct the figures for normal flu deaths and what sort of pan epidemic did we actually experience? Any death is a tragedy for the individual and their families, but in the hard brutal light of day; how many deaths should justify removing basic freedoms from millions of people? If you use the anthology ‘that one death is enough’ or twenty, or a hundred, etc to justify lockdowns, removal of personal freedoms and production of a culture of fear, then where do you stop and draw the line in the sand?

Using the so called logic that the UK {and other world governments] have employed in dealing with covid, then every ‘flu season’ the UK should lockdown to prevent the 30,000 to 50,000 influenza deaths each year! Anyone else believe the UK sheeple were suckered big time by bent statistics?

I bet most people have forgotten that the lockdowns and restrictions were introduced to - originally - protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. They built 16 ‘Nightingale’ hospitals at the cost of hundred of millions and none were really used for a single covid patient. More false statistics used to justify spending millions! And the so called miracle vaccinations? The government is spending absolutely hundreds of millions of pounds on vaccines, yet are still saying that restrictions will apply?

There really is something seriously wrong about this ‘pan epidemic’ on so many levels and the deeper you go, the smell gets worse. I think the next declared ‘pan epidemic’ and deaths will begin to emerge within a year or so and the driving force behind it will be the experimental vaccines themselves except in that case, maybe the death statistics won’t be exaggerated or questionable because everyone will know several people who have died in a true and real ‘pan epidemic’ that is totally man made.

I hope I’m wrong. I really do.



In the USA the CDC admitted that of the reported coronavirus deaths (580,000+ in USA), only 6% actually died strictly of COVID-19. The rest were suspected of having COVID and died of various co-morbidities. Many actually died of the usual causes such as the flu, heart disease, and old age.


There are 2 codes of death when we spoke of COVID, U.07.1 and U.07.2. Simply speaking it like this: one is about death as a direct results of virus, other is when someone died and had a virus. So there is a big field to ‘cooking the books’ with numbers.

Yeah… it’s more than 40%

great topic Webby well done.
Totally agree and knew this a while ago but its nice to be verified as being right instead of labelled conspiracy theorist as the usual co intel mob does in response to truth being told.

This whole thing is not about human health at all,
its about forcing the world into a one world system and the fake virus scam and vaxx is all part of this deliberate plan for gloabl governance and domination full spectrum.

Has to be, and the great reset too, destroying small business for the nwo agendas.

Got to see reality for what it is, deluding yourself to feel better does not help you at all.
Well done @webcat
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I live in the UK Cumbria, an academy near me was converted for recovering c virus people but was never used once ! - How much it cost heaven knows.

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