57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations

“There are two certainties regarding the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. The first is that governments and the vast majority of the mainstream media are pushing with all their might to get these experimental drugs into as many people as possible. The second is that those who are willing to face the scorn that comes with asking serious questions about vaccines are critical players in our ongoing effort to spread the truth.”

And they are now after your children…
Hancock lying again…
"The spread amongst children does have an impact on others.”

“Health Secretary Matt Hancock addresses the effect of the virus on children and explains that there are “plenty of good reasons” to vaccinate young people.”


They don’t want you to see this.


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Before you jump off that cliff, you might make sure that you are reading something that isn’t part of the “NWO Propaganda Machine”…
Globalresearch - RationalWiki

It is a Canadian company started by Michel Chossudovsky, who has a bit of a questionable past and pretty much is “research paid for hire article delivery”. They post anything that pays and will do it without shame.

Canadian professor’s website helps Russia spread disinformation, says U.S. State Department | CBC News

Basically…if the research invokes fear, doubt, or “muddies the information stream” then they are there with some form of article. They have “research articles” that contradict each other…

So, the “research article” you posted was about 57 “top scientists and doctors”…
How Many Doctors Are There in the World? (reference.com)
Well there are between 10-15 million doctors in the world…so when they say “top” are they the top of those 10-15 million or are they the top of the city they operate from?

Let’s just say those 57 people are all doctors…that would be 0.0000057% …

Why I ask this… is none of the people’s names cited in the research paper are in the top 100 doctors of the world…
Global Summits - World Top 100 Doctors 2021 - World’s Top 100 Doctors

So… while I think everyone should be cautious about getting a vaccine that only took 1 year to develop when most vaccines take years… I also think there is a TON of disinformation out there…

Reader beware!


The doctors are cited at the bottom of the article.


There are plenty of other prominent doctors and healthcare professionals stating similar claims and many more too scared to speak out or censored…


That’s a good point you made, so I looked into it a bit.
I googled a few of the doctors from the 57 list and they are all genuine doctors, a good start, and some like Pamela Mas are definitely top doctors in their country and field, and she makes very good points. There is an article at the following website that is in Spanish that is an interesting read, I had to use Google translate as my Scottish school didn’t teach me Spanish, we were usually too busy making weapons for an arranged fight with another school.

I also looked up Christian Fiala who is a bit more radical but also makes some good points. You can read his article at the following website (in German). He wrote a book questioning aids and draws similarities with aids and covid19.

Anyone with half a brain can question what is the real agenda with covid and vaccines. If you stop think and evaluate then you should be wondering what the fuck is going on. The real tragedy in all this is that so many people don’t stop and think for themselves. The doctors who are speaking up don’t have to be award winners they just have to be competent within their fields of expertise. I’d say the 57 are only the ones who have the balls to speak out, there are probably thousands who have voices in their heads saying the same.


Wow he really said euthanized. WTF LMAO


Well it is not as if people haven`t been warned…hidden in plain sight.


Simple answer! The top 100 survive, in all likelihood, being financed with government funded grants for their research. Don’t wanna bite the hands that feed them…right?

Yeah, I know the doctors are doctors… they just aren’t the “top doctors”… but in all reality it is so interesting to see these people discuss COVID and the vaccine like they full understand it.

The truth is that mRNA based vaccines have sort of been the “black sheep” of virology, and for good reasons:

In animal studies, the ideal dose of their leading mRNA therapy was triggering dangerous immune reactions — the kind for which Karikó had improvised a major workaround under some conditions — but a lower dose had proved too weak to show any benefits.

Moderna had to pivot. If repeated doses of mRNA were too toxic to test in human beings, the company would have to rely on something that takes only one or two injections to show an effect. Gradually, biotech’s self-proclaimed disruptor became a vaccines company, putting its experimental drugs on the back burner and talking up the potential of a field long considered a loss-leader by the drug industry.
Source: The story of mRNA: From a loose idea to a tool that may help curb Covid (statnews.com)

The truth is that the coronavirus is a cold virus and we have never, up to this year, created a vaccine for any virus classified from the cold virus “genus”.

Then we have the mRNA based vaccines that are basically changing how our cells produce specific protein molecules and people are surprised when they find out that it could “cause future issues”… mainly because it has never been done until recently and there is no long term studies.

I guess what I am pointing to is that:

1.) COVID-19 is a genetically modified version of SARS that came from a China based lab that wasn’t qualified to be working on this type/classification of virus. Whether mistake or intentional…it was a biological weapon…
2.) mRNA vaccinations was highly controversial prior to COVID even “being a thing”…yet we now start to hear from doctors after hundreds of millions have already been vaccinated…
3.) We had news media spreading lies upon lies… first it wasn’t that big of deal…then when it started infecting people near the news media’s town or in their town it became a nightmare…
4.) There was a heavy push by digital and social media tech giants to squelch anyone who discounted the severity of COVID-19, and then suddenly the tables started to turn and major news media started saying just the contrary of what that had been saying for over half a year:
The truth about CDC’s Covid-19 death rate — and the conspiracies undermining it (nbcnews.com)

So…the point being is that most people have no freakin’ clue if COVID caused all of the deaths or only contributed…most have no idea and can’t tell you want the long term side effects of changing the kind of protein molecules your cells generate…and most assuredly no one can say whether it is going to be “bad” or “good” results in the end… they can guess…they can speculate based on numbers as they come in…but most people just have no clue…that includes “doctors and scientists”… we have no idea if the “scientists and doctors” in the primary article published by “global research” were part of the doctors and scientists to already had put their name on the line when the mRNA vaccine approach had been proposed for decades…

The point being…no one knows…and even if they do know…they “don’t really know”…

A long time ago (back in the days of “Rocky” the first movie) eating raw eggs was a big thing…had protein and stuff that “built muscles”…then it was bad for you because it had cholesterol…so they “the doctors and scientists” recommended eating just the white of the egg…which then that turned out lethal to people of specific genetics and blood types as they processed cholesterol differently…so you literally had people that would jog half a marathon every other day dropping dead from heart attacks…and then they “the doctors and scientists” said that is was actually the type of cholesterol… and now it is just a big mess…

The point being…take the shot…don’t take the shot…one way or another you will make the “wrong choice” in someone’s eyes…or perhaps in reality…maybe it is the “cure to all cold viruses” in the end…or maybe it will shorten your lifespan to less than 2-5 years from the day you got the “jab”…

We don’t know…and no one will know until the 100’s of millions who took the vaccine make it to like 10 years from taking the vaccine…and then 20 years…and so on…, because certain changes in your body can take years to surface…it is all crap shoot at this point because you don’t know who is “telling the truth” from someone who is “pushing for a specific agenda”…because we allowed our only source of information become controlled by less than a thousand people.

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Your only supposing it came from the lab in china,
by your own admissions re the corporate news sources,
nobody really knows do they?

Have a look at this topic if you like my friend and see if it gets your mind ticking,
it did for me re covid & the vaxx etc.
I would like to hear peoples thoughts thats why?