7.3 New Zealand Earthquake


@Grishnakh Just checking in to see how you’re holding up down there. I know you’re probably all use to the seismic activity as that area seems to be a hot bed for shakers but this one was pretty big. Hope everyone is managing well and come out unscathed.

New Zealand earthquake: Tsunami fears as 7.3 quake hits and people told to move to high ground - Daily Star


We all good way down where I live! cheers bro :beers: Boomfarp lives up that way though but pretty sure hes inland a bit.

the first few waves came through just before there’s a few videos online I think of water surges etc

threat levels downgraded now. :ok_hand:


I hope you all do not have any secondary problems. I pray for any one that’s been in a earthquake…I’m in kansas, usa I’ve had 2. /
4.0 + higher in past 14 days and we have had 1000 plus in the past 4+ years.But these are getting stronger …i cant imagine a 8+ .god protect everyone there.

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ikr its been an interesting month too for volcanology… :thinking:


Yes it has…I am watching world wide earthquakes and volcanoes on my phone thru a app. Its busy…

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Definitely been crazy lately between volcanoes and earthquakes. Much of the world has seen a substantial increase. Just a matter of time before the eastern ring of fire lights up off of western USA.

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did you guys watch that clip on the other thread, its really quite interesting stuff. We are seriously overdue a huge quake along our alpine fault and its quite concerning with all this action lately… anyones thoughts on relation to Geomagnetic pole shift?

Check out dutchsinse on utube.

To all my extended family brothers and sisters in NZ, hope your all ok… :beers:

Haven’t seen the other clip, will have to check it out. You asked about a relation to geo-mag pole shift. I definitely think it’s relative or at least, one piece of the puzzle. My personal opinion is that the earths core is heating up and starting to move or wobble more internally which is causing the uptick in volcanoes and earthquakes. I also think that space weather is what’s causing this perturbance of the core as well as it playing a major role in the movement of our geo-mag poles. This also then has an affect on our jet streams which creates more volatile weather conditions on earth. Don’t think any of this is caused by man made “global warming”, just normal cycles that planets go through. May be more likely for surface temps to cool and potentially even a mini ice age if volcanic activity continues to increase.

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Here’s a link to some other space weather activity that was recently found which could certainly play a role with pole movement.

620 mile wide space hurricane above earths atmosphere - Science - Disclose.tv

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that was a good shake.
i woke up at 2:30am to the house going nuts.
it was a long strong shake. quite exciting.
there is something weird going on there, so many big quakes in one day.
was a bit worried about family as far as tsunami goes, they live on the flats.
i live in the hills so have no worries with tsunami.
some of the volcanoes are a bit active too.
good times.

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Was there much structural damage or any other destruction related to the incoming waves? I haven’t heard much info related to damage or deaths as a result of the quakes.

nah man, if the quakes were centered on land it would be a different story.
seems to be ongoing though.
we will see how it goes.

Good to hear. I was concerned there may be damage even though they were offshore simply due to the size of them.

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