9/11 footage I have never seen before, you probably haven't either

Smudged airplane shaped special effect from CNN footage is missing on this footage:


Nope have not saw that one before


This one, by the same twitter user, is even better. I wish I knew how to embed like you did Seed.

I had many arguments with family and friends because of 9/11… I was a Conspiracy Theorist while they believed all the narratives promoted by Mainstream News in collusion with our Government… That created a division because I could see something was not right and we were being fed some big lies… 19 Years later, I am still very angry that we never got any justice to hold the right people accountable…


Some good footage that, not seen before.
No plane? Hmmm

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19 years it took to get some real footage out, this coming out now to get us all to discuss 911 looks to me like someone is dangling a carrot in front of our noses to distract us from more current recent stuff.


Am i missing something here in these two clips??? Yes i am. What happened to the plane! Is this more evidence of a hoax? I only hope in time the truth will come out and those truely responsible are brought to justice.


You may be right… However, some of us can concentrate on more than one topic at a time… Remembering the past and not be too distracted from the current events… Besides, a lot of the individual pieces can fitted together to form a bigger puzzle…

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I notice that there seems to be a much smaller eruption goin on many floors above where the explosion happens.

I’m all in for connecting our past with our present, I even enjoy it. I’ll post something tonight to connect my “911-carrot” thoughts with very recent stuff… this would explain my comment a bit better.

Scary that that footage can be manipulated this good.

Wowsers, has the plane been edited out on this video? That’s crazy if true un-edited, IRL footage. Defo never seen this video before! Big eye opener, if seeing is believing…I mean we’ve all seen the footage of a second plane hit the tower, on the actual day it happened, didn’t we? or was that some sneaky CGI they manged to slip in to all the footage - would that even have been possible then? :exploding_head:

The plane is coming in from behind the building so you can’t see it.


That makes much more sense :relieved:

Looking forward to seeing it… :+1:

I would check the link that I previously provided. It’s an amalgamation of two videos, one has plane, one does not. It’s from the same side and close enough angle too.

I had already mentioned that a friend of mine was at ground zero when the first building was ‘attacked’. She heard a loud pop (no jet…) and immediately looked up and saw the damage. She saw some jumpers too.
Never heard the screaming jets of a large airliner coming in. :thinking:

I first learned of 9/11 truth in 06 when I hired an old friend to work HVAC with me. Still remember what I said to him to:

“That’s crazy, the government wouldn’t do that.”

Lol, I’ve come a long way. Was in prison when it happened and back then we basically only had the “narrative,” no alternatives. That’s what makes this Covid bs so frustrating too! Long time members who should know better, totally sold out to Covid propaganda. I bet they said:

The government wouldn’t do that…


Covid, and the agenda/philosophy behind it, is this generation’s 9/11…


Well… China did covid to us. Democrats played along. Happily. The democrats wouldn’t do that…