A bedtime time story NOT to tell the children

“Once upon a time in the happy and carefree world of the SHEEPLE there was a very nasty and naughty group of sheeple who thought they should rule and own everything. They wanted to enslave all the other sheeple and dominate the entire field of the Sheeple.

But they were frustrated that their plans of total field domination of all the other sheeple were not progressing fast enough. Some of the sheeple were catching on to their evil tricks and telling everyone else. So the evil sheeple known as the ‘ELITE’ came up with a truly evil plan. They poisoned the sheeple’s water trough’s with a horrible bug called ‘COLON-7’ and soon sheeple everywhere were infected with the dreadful bug that made them fart, shit and sometimes die.

Well, the sheeple panicked and hid under bales of straw, in barns, hedges, up trees and under bushes. They did what they were told and avoided herding together. They stopped living their happy carefree lives and became lonely, afraid and miserable. Sheeple didn’t like to be kept from herding. But even this didn’t please the evil gang and so they came up with a ‘miracle cure’ – the Oxford Apple. Any sheeple who ate the magic apple wouldn’t catch the nasty bug that emptied bowels and all the sheeple rejoiced and rushed to eat the magic apple.

But some sheep flatly refused, they didn’t think it was safe and they certainly didn’t trust the sheeple that run the fields they lived in. Well, lots of sheep ate the magic apple and within a few months they started to die horribly. But the evil gang were clever; they had introduced ‘Apple badges’ for those who had been good and obedient and eaten the apples. Those who had refused were made to wear a collar with a ‘no apple’ symbol. This made them easy targets when the evil gang announced that all the new deaths were caused by those who hadn’t eaten the apple. The apple eaters were infuriated and attacked the collar wearers.

Now with the normally happy sheeple completely divided and living in utter fear; the evil gang moved in for the finish. The few remaining sheeple were herded up, bar-coded and made to work for the evil gang who now did control the small population that was left, and the field for their own ends. Miserable, isolated and totally without any basic freedoms the sheeple lived grim lives until taken away for slaughter. But the evil gang of sheeple lived happily ever after as they totally dominated the world of the sheeple for their own pleasure and gain. Goodnight sheeple everywhere; would the last free one standing turn out the light please!”

The end – yes, really the end…

The storyteller.


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