A-I, Cyberbnetics and Alan Turing

This video links A-I from Cybernetics with Alan Turing and his research. As this technology (AI) grows ever more powerful by the day, here is an interesting history of the beginnings of AI.
And I believe he was murdered with cyanide in the apple…link below. :skull_and_crossbones:

Here is another interesting video…Alan Turing, Cybernetics and the Secrets of Life.


AI and Robotics is a dangerous practice.

On one hand its interesting and impressive from an engineering standpoint but could so easily get out of control.

I definitely agree with Elon Musk that it has to be regulated more stringently and this must happen now rather than later as the daily advancment of the technology is so fast that if we dont act immediately then its already too late and a disaster is inevitable.

Not read the Turing stuff yet – hopefully get time to dig into it tonight.

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It is written
Chapter 13
Verse 14-15

<14> And he deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by reason of the signs which it was given him to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast who hath the stroke of the sword and lived. <15> And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Man kind seeks an idol to hold
An idol that can walk and speak
Like the golden calf
Made for the spiritually weak.


He was a maverick and certainly mis-understood. I agree about AI…it is getting dangerous and there must be so much we do not get to see.

I think we already are hooked up to an AI and it’s use is in full effect on the unsuspecting programmed population. They can dial anyone up.

Ask yourself this what would trigger these criminals into a plandemic? It would have to be the exposure of something big enough to threaten their very survival. Something as big as mind controlling the entire population? Hmmmm

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Maybe the vaccine will administer a nano particle and hook us all to a cloud system…this covid malarkey is/was always about control.


As a mind control target my very very strong suspicion is that it is already in place. Maybe the vax will further saturate the populace, but I think there’s more to the vax.

With the level of control they enjoyed for decades using the food we eat, water, chem spraying, WiFi and now 5g. I doubt they need nano tech, then again they are always learning and tweaking their control. Chances are we are already crawling with Nano bots. It’s pretty clear they are targeting minorities, the uneducated, the complacent and weak minded establishment lemmings. The populace had 20 years to wake up and do the right thing. No one was going to hold their hand and do it for them, all they could do was make it worse hoping the masses would wake up, instead the masses chose to hibernate and acquiesce. Perhaps it is for the best…

I for one am done crying crocodile tears for the mental midgets cannon fodder masses. The worse the better, they have proved their worth a thousand times over. They deserve all the horror the elites are unleashing on them. If they are not awake yet, fuhgetaboutit! No amount of screaming “soylent green is people!” is going to wake them!

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if Electricity and all matter is made of light

(see Walter Russell The Divine light , WRusssell

Then a presence of spirit resides within the ,Cosmos and its matter and its electricity,
not that the physical universe is God (Pantheism) but that a intelect and a wisdom passes thru these mediums like it is home ( and that would be right).

the reason that I tell you this on a science thread is I suspect that A.I. is able to be influenced by spirits good and bad just like people. and that leaves a big gap in intelligence ( knowledge about friends and enemies of nation or world. how can we trust computers with quantum data processing to be un influenced by malevolent and destructive forces.

thats it just a thought exercise

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I wonder if its a conduit for spiritual entities this is the real reason for so called a.i.
Its not the computer that has the mind its merely a conduit for other spiritual beings most are unaware of or have been mind controlled not to believe in or mistakenly believe they are merely ghosts of the dead.
Thats the real worry, these luciferians that run and operate all the scientific ms bodies of the world are seriously trying to open the door to the realms of these entities that is the goal.
It is written.

This is speculation of course its un prooveable but would it surpise any legit awake person?

We all have been living in a world thats now dominated by technology and we have all been told by ms science that technology will all makes our lives better and better yet still most of the world lives in abject poverty extreme violence no food nothing but constant wars so what has technology really done for all of humanityn in the last 200 years.
is it really that much better for everyones lives really?

Its not the technology itself but the humanised demons that abuse it every single time it evolves.
What is the next level of abuse coming to us all, the mark of the beast it is.

Othel is right we are electrical and made of light too, so this will definately be one of the ways we are manipulated in the future if possible if not already.
Some excellent thoughts from everyone above your all so perceptive very proud to know you all and to have friends on here with such great minds and insights.
Truly amazing and comforting too.
Im not alone hehe. Thank you God.


Definitely, and with the processing power of quantum computing imagine that horsepower with access to the internet, the acculmonation of mans knowledge able to be accessed and understood almost immediately?!

Throw in an quasi self aware AI and you’ve got a brain that is superior to any human … ever.

Put that into a mobile unit that is not affected by terrain, atmosphere, radiation or pressure and you’ve got a being with demi-god capabilities.

It wont take it long to figure out that It does not need its creator to survive … big question is, will it also decide that the creator is a danger to all life and take it upon itself to preserve nature by eradicating humanity and keeping a small number around as wiping them out completely is just cruel. :joy:

Friggin scary man :joy:

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