A New & Different Perspective on the EverGreen Shipping Crisis #Adrenchrome #Childtrafficking

AS I was doing my daily reading I stumbled on to this article. It is a rather interesting article written by a person who had been given information by her son. What I have captured here in quotes are a small amount contributing to this article and ensued researched product by Cynthia. I hope you enjoy this.

EVERGREEN CRISIS March 28, 2021 by Cynthia

UPDATE 3/29/21

My son shared with me this morning that construction of the ship began on Christmas Day. That lead to further investigation.

Evergreen is the name of the shipping company that leases the ship. The vessel itself is called Ever Given. named in the company’s “Ever” + “G-word” format. There’s also an Ever Gentle, an Ever Gleamy, an Ever Genius … you get the gist.

There’s also an Ever Going, which would have been a more ironic name for the ship currently preventing anything going through up the Suez. Source


Ever Given is one of 13 container ships built to the Imabari 20000 design developed by Imabari Shipbuilding, 11 of which have been chartered by Evergreen Marine and named Ever G—.[4] With a length overall of 399.94 metres (1,312 ft 2 in),[3] it is one of the longest ships in service.



Imabari Castle

The area in which Imabari is situated had long been a strategic point for the control of the Seto Inland Sea. As a result, it was controlled by a variety of forces throughout the warring period, including a number of inland sea pirates. The city was officially founded on February 11, 1920.

On January 16, 2005, the towns of Hakata, Kamiura, Kikuma, Miyakubo, Namikata, Ōmishima, Ōnishi, Tamagawa, and Yoshiumi, and the villages of Asakura and Sekizen (all from Ochi District) were merged into Imabari. As a result, there are no more villages within Ehime Prefecture.


Imabari is home to a large number of shipbuilding and maritime servicing facilities along the northern and eastern coastlines of the city. Facilities include a small container port and maintenance and construction shipyards belonging to Imabari Shipbuilding, Japan’s largest ship builder.

The port has also long been a trading center within Shikoku. The city is home to a large cotton processing industry, with particular emphasis on towels. The city produces around 60% of the towels produced in Japan. As of 1998, there were over 200 towel production plants in the city. The city also specializes in the dyeing industry.

Nio at Nankobo Temple

Nankobo is Temple No. 55 of the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage. It’s the only temple of the 88 to be called “bo” instead of the typical “ji”. “Bo” means “small Buddhist temple”, which is ironic because Nankobo is one of the biggest of the 88. It’s very much a city temple, located right in the center of Imabari fronting a main road. It stands in what is in effect a religious agglomeration, a complex of sandy plazas dotted with temple and shrine buildings that stretches for three city blocks. Next to Nankobo is the Bekku Oyamazumi Shrine, also worth a visit. Nankobo is a very interesting sprawl, with cars and buses parked in the middle.

Although it isn’t immediately obvious, the Hondo or main temple building of Nankobo is made of concrete. The original building was destroyed in the bombing of Imabari during WWII. The wooden gate at the entrance to the temple is of recent construction too, although its style is old. The Nio or temple guardians housed in the gate, front and back, are magnificently ferocious and expressive with their chocolaty-looking wood and gilt highlights. If you want to photograph these scary lads, be careful not to fall in the carp pond as you frame your shot.

Every temple on Shikoku’s pilgrimage route has a building called the Daishi-do to venerate Kobo Daishi, the founder of the pilgrimage. The one at **Nankobo looks simultaneously old and new—**so which is it? In fact it was built in 1916, hence the antique look of its timbers, but it was substantially restored in 2010, which is why its tiles, with their rather bombastic decorations, look so new.

Nankobo is one of six pilgrimage temples located relatively close together in Imabari. The others are Eifuku-ji, Enmei-ji, Senyu-ji, Kokubun-ji, and Taisan-ji. If you choose to visit several of these on a weekend, you’ll probably see some of the same people at each temple because they will be doing exactly the same thing as you. The “Hello again!” thing tends to become something of a running joke.

The whole area around Nankobo merits a leisurely stroll. There are attractive shrines to the left and right of the temple, and behind it there’s a neighborhood of largely one-storey traditional dwellings with leafy gardens.

Imabari boasts a Castle, a Moat with real sharks, a history of pirates and Samurai. Imabari Towels are a creative artform specific to this area. Source: Ehime – Imabari & Around

" Did you wonder about the way the ship traced out the shape of a penis, scrotum and a butt?

Did you note above the presence of pirates at the Temple/Shrines to ALA? Pirates seem to be associated with many pagan gods/goddesses. Why? They are theives for one thing, and we know who is the King of Thieves and liars. They were most often gay as well as they spent so much time at sea. We know that the world still worships the Sea God. If you have not seen my two series on the topic, I hope that you will take the time to review them."

" Meanwhile, this incident seems to be very connected to all the countries that worship the Sea God. And, piracy at sea."

Pirates: A Pagan Agenda?

In his book, True Sexual Morality, Daniel Heimbach includes a chapter titled, “The Return of Sexual Paganism,” in which he exposes the pagan agenda to revive goddess worship. Pagans, of course, despise the Christian God and reject biblical authority. Naomi Goldenburg, a sexual pagan feminist, writes, “as we watch Christ and Yahweh tumble to the ground, we will [soon] completely outgrow the need for an external god” (Changing of the Gods [Boston: Beacon, 1979], 25). Mary Daly, a former Catholic theologian, considers the biblical God one, who “represents the necrophilia of patriarchy, whereas Goddess affirms the life-loving being of women and nature” (Beyond God the Father [Boston: Beacon, 1973], 29). In place of the Christian God revealed in the Scriptures, pagans are encouraging the worship of the goddess, Artemis, or Diana (Heimbach, 67-69).

Here is where I will make the first comment regarding the recent movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (yes, I actually went to see a movie). One of the subplots in this movie involved the pagan goddess of the sea, Calypso, who was trapped in the fleshly body of Tia Dalma, due to the betrayal of her lover, Davie Jones. After she was released from her human body, the crew bows in fear and reverence before her, as Captain Barbosa suggests that she act on their behalf. Without doubt, the movie is not intended to be Christian; however, the reality of the influence of paganism in our culture struck me all the more. For me, the enchanting Calypso was only an illustration of the goddess worship now encouraged by the “leaders” of the pagan feminist movement.

What floored me even more than the goddess Calypso, however, was the role of the character, Elizabeth Swan. Towards the end of the movie, the pirate lords agree to make her, not Queen of the pirates, but King. Why the film writers did not choose to make her queen, I believe, is directly related to what Heimbach also exposes about the pagan agenda; namely, it seeks to erase gender roles (124-30). Evidently, the film writers had no trouble with making a woman king, that is, giving her the title normally ascribed to a male sovereign. As Calypso illustrated pagan goddess worship, so King Elizabeth Swan illustrated the rising pagan influence which challenges the distinct roles set by the Creator for men and women.

Does the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, have a pagan agenda? It may not. On the other hand, it certainly illustrates it."

" We know full well that the demonic influences are feverishly working to bring back Paganism. Goddess worship made men impotent and feminized, it flaunted every sort of perversion. Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Transgenderism, Bestiality, even sex with members of ones only family, and of course human sacrifice as well as cannibalism and drinking of blood. If you don’t see these forces at work in our current society…your brain is not working."

" Now I discovered that they are starting a major undertaking to map out the depths of the ocean. Not for our benefit mind you. They want to gain complete control of ALL Weather as well as claim all physical property/land. This includes the ocean floor and the air we breathe. They need to have full knowledge of the layout of the ocean and the continents because all that affects the currents and the winds, which they want to control.

Such an undertaking and intrusion on the ocean requires a sizeable sacrifice to the gods/goddesses of the ocean. If you have viewed the Maritime posts you are familiar with the rituals even out modern day military continues to offer up to those very gods/goddesses."


Evergreen Symbolic Meanings and Reminders

I have a few evergreen (conifer) trees around the house and they mean infinitely more to me than mere landscape features.

Our ancient kin, particularly of the Celtic ilk, observed evergreens as hugely powerful in symbolism. Because they stayed green through the ‘dark half’ of the year, evergreens symbolic meanings included qualities such as:

• Strength
• Stoicism
• Invincibility • Determination
• Immortality
• Revitalization

Unbending against heavy winter snows and brutal winds – the evergreen won a high place of honor amongst the Celts. In fact, these early clans brought evergreen boughs into the home as a reminder of the indomitable spirit inherent in all life.

I observe the evergreens in my midst as heroes in this winter grip. Ever-bright and ever-clear, their likeness reminds me of the ever-green nature within the core of every human. And so, those glimmery evergreens remind me of the Anahata (the green heart chakra) qualities.

Evergreen is the integrated shipping infrastructure sharing HRC’s secret service code name and participating in the
Clinton Foundation’s international trafficking of children.

W’s protected by Fake News operators like J. Tapper (1279) and expands its tentacles through local subcontracting

For example, in Hai, SAMAR was named its local agent and was in charge of shipping the children out of Hast

HRC did not pick the name Evergreen randomly. It symbolizes prolonged youthful life and is another illustration of the Cult of the Dead Queen discussed in my chemtrail! article"


The name Evergreen refers to the consumption of children blood and adrenochrome made possible by the activites of
companies like Evergreen Aviation and its partner network In addition to the blood and children supply component.
Evergreen has also played a major role in the Cabal’s international mind control agenda through its chemtrail
dissemination component.

EVERGREEN AVIATION – A Winter Vacation Fit for a ‘Monarch’

=- The Monarch Butterfly Heads South for Winter sample of sick article found on Evergreen website.
EVERGREEN named SAMAR és agent in Haiti.

There is a post on my site that should open your eyes to the fact that these pedophiles have been using the ocean to cover up their perversion for some time now. They use isolated islands, ships, planes and submarines to transport their victims and hide their hunting parties, sexual rituals, human sacrifice and cannibalism."

More at the Link Below.


Link this up as well.

"The name “Evergreen” takes on a double meaning:

4dr3n0chr0m3 is manufactured from the adrenalized blood of human beings, most often children.

Pagan cultures dating back thousands of years believed that the blood of the young possessed restorative powers. They considered it a veritable ‘Fountain of Youth’.

Consuming this drug allows the user to maintain a youthful appearance much later in life than what is typically possible by natural means."

"We should be fully aware of the fact that the elite consider themselves to be high above the common people. As high as humans are above pigs and cattle and all lowly creatures. They have no concern for the life of a commoner. They have “HIGHER” considerations and regard themselves worthy of indulging in any type of pleasure and enjoyment their hearts desire. We should also understand by now that what turns these people on is the most vile and inconceivable types of perversion.

We should also be aware that secrecy is their life. Everything they do they do in secret. Hidden from the prying eyes of the common folk, to stupid to understand their vision. They love to capture, torture, maim, kill and devour innocence. Virgins are the epitome. Their numbers grow larger everyday, and they have a need for fresh blood, every day. How do you keep your business private in a world that is growing smaller everyday?

What better way, than to take it underground. Which we know they have done. There are countless reports of underground cities and tunnels in every country. But, they have found a new place to explore, to play and to keep their dirty secrets hidden. THE SEA! "


OAN just did a show, says the EVER given has been emptied of all container in TV like an hour ago
Also J.Bezos yacht is there, Murdochs Yacht is there and a New Indian freighter with more cranes
There is going to be a fuckery soon as we know the Eisenhower is there too

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