A new theory of mine

Lately, I have seen so much talk in MSM on the subject of alien life being more and more likely as well as all the vids being released like the TicTac UFO, and others. TV shows like ancient aliens, UFO hunters amongst others an more discoveries all the time that would seem to show that maybe there was a time before ours.

What if all this corona-virus BS that the worlds elite are clearly orchestrating against us in what is very clearly a globally planned event is actually to get the entire human population vaccinated against a non threatening virus.

What if the virus is not the CV19 as this to me is obviously made up and it is smells like a cover for something else.

This something else could actually be to either protect us humans from an up coming alien visitation or to protect them from us by neutralising something harmful in us?

Don`t get me wrong though, either way whatever the agenda truly is - it is not going to end well and its looking like we are going to be under dystopian rule for a long time to come.

For me, if there was a choice between a BS vaccination with chips and other poisons or aliens landing their ships next door to me, I know which one i would go for, I would just hope they are the tall nordic types!


From all the rsearch Ive done…
You dead on target.
The real question is what are they prepping us for?

Some have speculated the vac is to put markers in us so that the gvmnts can round up survivors.

Caskets to bury and cremate the dead.
Guilitines for those found refusing mark.

Getting ready to usher in their N.W.O.

Maybe wanna vaccinate us before visitation because they didnt like the End of the move “War of the Worlds”

Oh yeah!!
Preppin for toxic red maybe?

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