A Nightengale and a trail of dead women


:point_up_2:Check out the weird video in the link at the bottom of the page of Jason before he started killing women.

Mind Kontrol?

This guy was either …

1.smoking crack with Hunter Biden beforehand?

2.He was just a wild animal who was angry @ women? (probably coz no one wanted him) and went off the deep end

3.Was he (like everyone else on that site ) just looking for attention and a spot on “WORLDSTAR” ?

4.Was he just a weird goon lost in his skull and mentally unstable?

Which brings me to this…

#5 Is “WORLDSTAR” an MK Ultra op?

To me,people are dying to be famous (which imo is only a site to make people look like an uncivilized violent low IQ bunch) but everytime you see a fight,a killing,or elements of extreme violence, you hear someone yell “WORLDSTAR” !!!

The timing is right in the midst of this chaos almost like they trying to create another “BLACK MAN SHOT BY COPS” and this subliminal idea implemented to "GO FORTH AND CAUSE CHAOS AND RIOT"

The first word out of the reporters mouth
I went to live in Chicago twice
It’s a possessed town
Black mokrs , irish catholics allcrazy
Not everyone
Lots of bitchen souls too.
But trust me there is a.pervasive evil in obamaville

His victims were random, In the video he seems to have completely lost his mind.

remember the Colorado shooter?

Same kinda melting brain behavior. IDK.

Maybe I’m wrong and people are just that terrible.

If so,Starting to wonder if women’s lives matter to these types, or are they thinking only “black lives matter”. Starting to see women get murdered left and right and NOTHING is said. But yet a black criminal gets wasted and it’s like you killed one of their kings or God.

and of course in a disarmed city. See that stupid liberals, gun control does not apply to criminals.

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Its the first time you have ever saw him. He has probably had that dumb stare all his life.

Said it alllll along.

I think lefty liberals are more interested in disarming people thinking it will make them easier targets because THEY KNOW their criminal heroes will not disarm. They want that takeover idea in motion.

I think they wanna see a lot of bad things happen to those that “don’t go along with em”.

They want you defenseless and have this sense of “I matter more than you” with their Liberal elitist attitudes and think you should put your head down because we don’t matter because we’re “white” and think we should be at their mercy because of our “whiteness”. Seems like everyone is infatuated with race eliteness these days.


They do not know me. A giant was killed by a rock by a young boy once…

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Shout out to worldstarhiphop!

Didn’t see them mentioned once in the article.

Wasted my time skimming through it.

But yea stay tuned for more world star content.

Glad your a fan and want to discuss the site.

I can say every right wing site is is a mm ultra op.

Getting you guys to do the craziest things and think no repercussions were gonna come from it?

If that’s not a psyop I have no idea what is.