A noose was found at a USF dorm. It smells like a hate hoax as media remains silent

The thing that makes me so sure—I’d put the odds at 70% right now that it’s a hate hoax—is the fact that the school will not release any information about the person who did it despite the fact that they have a confession . It would be one thing if they had an open investigation and potential suspects, but they’ve already taken action and expelled the student from the dorms.

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Very common. We have seen this a number of times, the self inflicted hate hoaxers cant deal with it mentally and fess up, every time the university or establishment organizations cover it up.

How many times have we had Jews caught red handed for writing antisemitic things and drawing swastikas only then playing the victims to their own crimes? A shit ton!

The left is following chapter by chapter the Victimhood Playbook, it has become predictable.

If no one got hung then it is just piece of useless rope… Some may claim there is symbolism for an empty threat… I do not see any danger with an inanimate object… It really depends on how they are used… A baseball bat may seem to be threatening to some people but not to others who play baseball… A man wielding a knife may intend to carve up Sunday dinner or he may use actually use it as a deadly weapon… There may have been intent to frighten someone but if you give them your fear and your attention attention then the bad person has already won… Better to not give them them the attention they seek and just ignore it… Without someone hanging it is just a meaningless, empty threat…

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